What are the best antivirus for free and portable USB sticks?

From an operating system to a folder full of images, USB sticks are important tools for anyone who works with a computer.

Carrying an antivirus inside them will allow you to eliminate any type of infection or probable damage that a virus can do when a file is downloaded, used or inserted.

Read the list below to find all antivirus for USB sticks

Portable antivirus has made its way over the years to allow the user the security of your computer; and minimize the risks of any file damage.

In this way we can guarantee the use of these programs without having to download them several times over the Internet on all the computers that are used.

ClamWin Antivirus

This is perhaps one of the portable antivirus more downloaded among users, due to the specifics of the solutions it has during the analysis.

Its methodology consists in using ClamAV virus signatures, known all over the world and used for the analysis and disinfection of Linux and Windows.

Through this, you will be able to carry out a complete study of the contents of the computer system without the need to use any other software for additional solutions.


Spyboy Search and Destroy Laptop

As the name suggests; In addition to being an antivirus, it has the function of enabling itself as a spy inside the computer on which it is used.

What are the best antivirus for free and portable USB sticks?

This is very useful with spyware that penetrates system files to monitor user activity; to send data to the unauthorized person who created the virus.

Silently and stealthily, it detects and removes any common software, malware and viruses that act maliciously on your computer.

McAfee Stinger portable

You've probably heard its name before or used one of its desktop versions on your computer.

This version of antivirus for USB sticks allows you to eliminate fake antivirus installed on the system that create alerts and infections that force the user to pay to clear the infections.


It needs constant updating to carry out its work efficiently and safely, otherwise it will not allow its processes to run.

It deals with analyzing the files and processes carried out by the system for identify malware and spyware, managing to eliminate them automatically and safely from your computer.

Peer blocking

Unlike previous programs; It is known as a portable firewall which is responsible for allowing or blocking certain types of connections made on the computer.

Those that are excluded or included on the list will depend on their degree of suspicion, also allowing you to change which ones you will allow and which you will not.


Advantages of using portable antivirus

Immediately after formatting a computer; The first step that each user takes is to install an antivirus to prevent any damage acquired during future activities that the owner of the equipment will carry out.

What are the best antivirus for free and portable USB sticks?

Having an antivirus on your USB memory will allow you to install easily wherever you deem necessary, ensuring the well-being of the system.

Also, if you have a computer that already has a damage of a minor or major scale, you will have the tools to be able to quickly repair and find the malicious agent.

In this way, using the antivirus for USB memories you can ensure the operation of any computer that passes through your hands.

Don't just look for an antivirus to protect your USB memory, also look for the best options to protect your pc with an antivirus. Once you have installed your antivirus, remember to check that it works correctly. If you don't have a computer antivirus, you can manually remove the virus from your computer. 

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