What are the best applications to be more productive while teleworking?

In this period of confinement we need the best applications to be more productive in teleworking, due to COVID -19 and more and more common see that many companies join the wave of work from home to keep them active at work, without the need for your employees to physically attend the company, thus avoiding possible contagion and although this new situation is not easy you can be very effective in your work and take advantage of it, here we will tell you which applications are the best.

The advantages of teleworking in times of pandemics

What are the best applications to be more productive while teleworking?

We can find advantages in having teleworking, let's see some of them:

  • You can have better time distribution.
  • You will balance the your personal and work life.
  • You will increase the productivity.
  • You will have less absences from work.
  • You will be able to improve the quality of the assigned work, as you will have less stress.

These are some advantages, but we find many advantages in being a teleworker. Now you are wondering, are there any apps that help me be more productive at teleworking? The answer is a resounding yes. Today we will show you what are the best applications to have a better done telework, let's see:

Better apps to be more productive while teleworking

What are the best applications to be more productive while teleworking?

If you want to increase your productivity   with teleworking from home you are in the right place. Today we will show you some free applications that will allow you to develop your full potential in teleworking. Let's see what they are:

Videoconferencing platforms to be more productive in your teleworking

  • Zoom: this is the app number 1 today. You can download to your Windows PC or MAC computer and make video calls via teleworking. It is really very versatile since it not only allows you to have a video conference, but also to enjoy chats within the room, share the necessary files, etc. It really is a very complete app.
  • Google Hangouts: you can make video calls through this app or voice calls, it is highly recommended because, one of the things that should exist within a company is communication within the work team, and Google Hangouts is ideal, because it allows you record video calls with audio so that you can memorize important information about business meetings.

Internal storage and management platforms

  • Google Drive: is a great application that you will allow you to share files purely business with other employees, to access it just add the email of the person you want to include and that person will have access to the information. You can include PowerPoint files, spreadsheets and Word, which is very necessary in business and you can view and access the files without an internet connection
  • Slack: allows you to send texts, files, links, create notes and much more, all within your team. It will make your work a lot easier, will allow you to have a separate environment outside of social networks. Something you will really like is that you can chat with every department of the company in the same place without a doubt it is a very complete app.

Task management

  • Trello: He's able to allow a flow company with a continuity of a process, for example: an assembly line of a project. Simply manage the relevant activities in the company.
  • Pose: Likewise it is an assembly line of any business project. Not only can you create projects, but also have conversations with the group and create relevant activities.

All these applications are designed for you and for teleworking. They are indeed very useful in the business world and will make things easier in this difficult time, Covid-19, however, these tools will allow for more consistent communication with the entire team in charge.

We really hope that the information provided will be very useful to you. Don't forget to tell us how it went and share with all your family friends and co-workers to have a better performance in all aspects. Remember that sharing allows us to create more content. Success in experience.

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