What are the best free Spotify alternative apps for listening to music?

This digital music service gives you access to podcasts, songs and videos from artists from around the world; available for various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, speakers and televisions, being able to switch between them with Spotify Connect.

How Does Spotify Free Work?

What are the best free Spotify alternative apps for listening to music?

The first thing to say is that it is free equates to 40 hours of music every 24 hours to listen to the song you want and as many times as you want, as long as it appears in the recent list; remember that with Spotify for free we will have some restrictions.

Its shuffle can skip six times every hour, and while it doesn't work on the radio right now, you can access Daily Mix lists; It must also be said that you can enjoy 3 free months of Spotify Premium by logging in through Samsung members.

To do this, go to the "Advantages" section, then «Enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium», then click on «Learn more» and finally follow the instructions to get the promotional code.

What other applications does Spotify offer besides Basic and Premium?

There is an application for children from 3 years of age called Spotify Kids but for users who already have Spotify Premium; its content is based on movie sounds, songs and certain stories that are attractive and well selected.

It is available in some countries as it is still in the works, however it works in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand among others and works with android and ios devices.

The other application is called Spotify Pets, aimed at pets, be they cats, dogs, birds, hamsters or any other; this way owners can create the play list and start listening to melodies that will calm their pet's moods.

What are the best free Spotify alternative apps for listening to music?

If you don't like Spotify's tricks anymore, here we have some alternatives for listening to music, although some also offer a Premium service; Therefore, we will only explain some of them which are completely free:

  1. Music All
  2. Last.fm
  3. SoundCloud Music
  4. SongFlip Music
  5. Grooveshark
  6. Google Play Music
  7. Apple Music
  8. Youtube music
  9. Deezer music
  10. great
  • MusicAll. It has a good recording of You Tube based music, being able to locate any content and in a classified manner, also a web connection is not required to listen to it, but any device you own, being able to download from mobile applications or the official website and can be saved.
  • SoundCloud Music. It was classified as independent because it promotes projects, to download it from Android and iOS applications; It is characterized by showing you the latest musical news, the songs classified by genre, as well as storing them so that you can also listen to them with others on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. If you want more information on SoundCloud Music being better than Spotify, check out this article.

What are the best free Spotify alternative apps for listening to music?

  • Grooveshark. Today it presents a competent service, leaving behind some irregularities of the past, exposes an extensive list including both songs and groups of different genres, but can only be downloaded from its website and the Google Play Store; It features a smooth interface, efficient search engine and a player that changes color according to the artist.

Finally, although Spotify has provided excellent service in several countries, it has good competition, even with very good tools; However, it is interesting to know other alternatives and above all if they are free, as well as being able to compare the characteristics of each as you like best.

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