What are the best Google apps to install on Android?

Applications today are a great help for smartphone there are many reasons, that's why each of us wants to know more about these apps.

Within the wide variety of applications we're going to look for are those that are safe, versatile and their features are compatible with our mobile, let's ask ourselves: what do I use them for? How do they help me? They guide us in choosing the best.

In Google there are applications for almost everything that we can install on our Android device or Mac PC via BlueStacks, of course we have to choose well as sometimes many of these applications are not of good quality. An important thing to remember is that applications give you the opportunity to take advantage of all the smartphone features we have.

Google was tasked with creating applications to entertain us, to work, to learn a language and much more. We will now look at some of the best applications available that give you more efficient use of yours Android phone.

The best Google apps for Android

Let's start this list with:


What do we know about programming? Nothing for sure, but this application will allow us to enter this digital race to learn. It teaches us in the form of a game that helps you to know the basics of programming with its different languages.

Moving pictures

Creativity, design can be put into practice with this app, it allows you to make short videos or gifs. Since creating these GIFs has improved their filters, it allows you to be creative, too Google Pixel offers the quality of these short videos.


With this application you can edit your photos or those of yours family and of yours friends in based on what you prefer, use spectacular filters that will give your personal touch to the images you want so you can then share them on social networks. There is also a version that allows you to change the hair color in your photo.


People with inclinations towards cinematic art will really like this application, it allows you to change your video in the form of a cartoon, you can also sort them, it also previously edited images into drawings. When you do, the video will look like a comic story.


Today one of the things we do the most with mobile phones are the famous selfies, this application was created with the aim of improving the quality of these, it does choosing the best angle of your face, the most appropriate lighting and the best time.

Outline VPN

Today it is important to have security while surfing the net, that's why the creation of this app, with it you can enter the VPN network, surf it without anyone knowing what your IP address is, it's totally free and is constantly updated.

Google Assistant

With this voice command created for Android you can do many things, like search for your favorite songs on the internet, or on a website, even in a hotel. You can download it from here.

Utility Applications: Improve your work-from-home performance

What are the best Google apps to install on Android?

If you are looking to organize your work from home, these applications can be useful, they are free and easy to use.


Now with this tool we can make any presentation from our Android mobile, you can also store all the information you used in the cloud, you can even share it with other people you give access to in your Drive to view or edit it.


With this application you will easily create spreadsheets and it is very easy to manage with it you can have the same advantages of Excel, only you can have it on your smartphone with Android operating system. Plus, you've stored it in the cloud on your Google Drive.

Keep, note ed elenchi

The application allows you to save notes, you can also make reminders with voice notes if you connect it with Ok Google, you can also save it in Google Drive. You can also visit this section to see more applications.

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