Why can't I order DiDi? Why is DiDi giving me problems?

Furthermore, in some cities of the globe, positive comments can be observed; but there are also negative ones for the number of complaints made by users about the service; which were difficult to control and therefore harm users ; and will be mentioned later.

Why can't I order a DiDi?

Once the user has downloaded the application and completed the personal data, the payment method must also be entered; that we already know, it can be by credit or debit card or you can activate the cash payment if your city allows it.

So if a trip is requested for the first time and the payment is made by card, even if you don't have the balance to cover it, the driver will do it; because the company does not have access to the bank to know the balance.

Why can't I order DiDi? Why is DiDi giving me problems?

If the cost that occurs at the end of the trip does not è covered , you are left with a missing debt ; which can be recovered immediately when you have the amount owed on your card; therefore, you will not be able to request an upcoming trip on DiDi until it is completely canceled. 

Why is DiDi giving me problems?

It seems that the problems that the DiDi company causes to users, according to the comments on social networks, come both from the administrative part of the tariffs, and from some behaviors of the drivers.

There is talk of exaggerated or excessive charges, as well as withholding of money for a longer time than that stipulated, promotions that are not taken into consideration, customers cannot bill in DiDI, among others.

Furthermore, the indicated or approximate starting price does not mention extra payments for tolls or motorway tolls; that it increases the fare even if it is a small route and, at times, drivers charge it without having traveled that route on that road; other complaints are the theft of cell phones , car in poor condition, among others; so users feel scammed.

What are the DiDi business requirements for drivers?

To be a DiDi partner or company driver you must be in possession of all valid documents ; among these, they must have an identity card, registration and insurance card, driving license and the Unique Registry Code; if foreigners, the valid passport and the Modulated Frequency or FM.

There are also some conditions that cars must have ; Among these, capacity for 5 people including the driver, model no older than 2012, minimum 4 doors, air conditioning, seat belts, airbags, ABS brakes, no problem and everything works perfectly. 

Why can't I order DiDi? Why is DiDi giving me problems?

It is important to have greater control in the selection of all the personnel who work in the company; and in this way it will be possible to avoid charging fares incorrectly and somewhat irresponsible drivers; especially take into account the culture of the country in which it operates; since it is important to have workers with a higher level of consciousness.

In this way it will be possible to offer a high service from the company and do not give problems to users; in addition to guaranteeing the corresponding payments for each trip for DiDi and that travelers can request a subsequent one, without debt; it is imperative to keep working to keep progressing.

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