How to be an Uber member - What it takes to be an Uber member

Moreover, being un partner Uber you will be able to fulfill your dream of becoming independent and being your own boss at all times. This way, you will not only be in control of how much money you make, but also how long you want to work on the Uber application.

How to become an Uber member?

Being an Uber member has too many benefits for you, from providing great profitable benefits to deciding to disconnect from work to be with your family. Next, you will learn how to be an Uber member and be able to deliver your services as a driver on this tech platform, which is setting the tone.

  1. SUBSCRIBE. The first thing you need to do is register in the Uber application, which is a very simple and intuitive procedure. By clicking on this link, you will begin the registration process, so that you can be an Uber member once and for all.
  2. Upload your documents. Now you have to upload all your documents, depending on the type of registration you have made, they will be the documents you have to upload. If you have signed up as an Uber driver partner or simply as an Uber partner, you will need to upload the requirements you will find here.
  3. Activate your account. Finally, you should wait for your application to be approved by the system, generally this process is fast and does not take much time. Once your application has been approved, you can officially start working as an Uber partner in the city where you are.

It is worth noting that depending on the city in which it is intended come by Uber, requests for documents will be, according to the laws of each city. This would ensure a quality service to users who use Uber as a transport service.

How to be an Uber member - What it takes to be an Uber member

How to upload your profile picture to Uber

To be with Uber you have to upload a photo that the system accepts and for this there are also some tips that will be of great help. These are the most important tips you should consider, if you don't want your Uber profile photo to bounce.

  • Good lighting. When taking the photo, try to be in a place with adequate lighting, so that it does not come out dark.
  • Front photo. The photo you want to upload to the system must be from the front, side or side profile are not accepted.
  • Updated photo. You need to make sure that the photo provided shows your current status, it cannot be old photos or photos taken many years ago.
  • Light background. It is recommended that the background of the photo be white, but photos with light backgrounds are also accepted in the system.

In addition, it is important to avoid the following mistakes that can prevent your profile picture from happening come from Uber not loaded properly.

  • Full body photos. It is only necessary that your face is clearly distinguished in the photo, which is why a non-full-body passport-type photo is ideal.
  • Photo in which you appear accompanied. Only you will be from Uber, so no one else can be in the photo, so avoid uploading pictures where you are accompanied.
  • Blurred photo. It is essential that the system recognizes the face of the person who wishes to be an Uber member and if you upload a blurry photo it will be rejected.How to be an Uber member - What it takes to be an Uber member

As you have noticed, it is very easy be an Uber member and if you follow these steps quickly you will be able to join Uber without wasting time. Do not stop following this site which offers you the most relevant content on current events every day.

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