How to create an animated smoke or haze effect in Photoshop

With this photo editor you can do much more than you think, the right instructions are enough.

Within this platform, you can find a large number of brushes, with which you can make any photographic project you have. These types of tools are especially useful for those Photos of food where you want to give the food a warm effect and prevent them from having a blur effect.

How to create an animated smoke or haze effect in Photoshop

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is known as the flagship of Adobe's suite of tools. Thanks to its features, this tool offers us a number of features and special effects for those people who are dedicated to creating and to image editing, making them look like real works of art made by professionals.

However, there are many options that you can do with this tool, since it is not just a program with which you retouch your imperfections or lose weight. Here you can find and do almost anything.

Creating the smoke effect step by step

  • To get started, open a new file, which must be based on a black background.
  • Next, you have to press the command Ctrl + J, with which you can duplicate your level.
  • Once you are in this duplicate layer, you need to go to the options panel, the filters option will be selected and then locate the option that says " plays «
  • Once inside, look for the button " nuvola »And proceed to give it an opacity of 10%.
  • When you are done with the opacity you need to go and select the tool text and once there, we will proceed to write what we want to be in the image.
  • Once ready, we will proceed to create a new layer within the same file, and we will go to the brush tool and, subsequently, we will select the smoke brush appropriate to what we are looking for.
  • Once all of this is ready, we'll set up your brush and place it just below the text we're creating.
  • Now the text layer, we will create a layer mask and, next, we select the brush we want.
  • In this way we will give an effect to our text as if the effect were entangling our letters.

How to create an animated smoke or haze effect in Photoshop

Other effects in Photoshop

3D: this is a tool with which you can create different 3D objects with basic tools and using 2D layers as the main starting point.

Blur: this is usually one of the most important tools, as with it we can hide a type of crop to make the image much cleaner and tidy.

distorted: With this you will have the opportunity to distort geometrically an image, which will result in different three-dimensional effects

Focus: The focus will help us to improve the definition of the edges we are seeing and that make up the image. Thus providing greater sharpness and contrast.

Stylization: with these filters you can supply to the image multiple features that can be unique such as diffusion, emboss, extrusion and even edge search

Pixelate: this effect is generally used to partially or totally censor an image. However, it is common to find it in such a way da to be able to create a " pixel art »With an image we choose.

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