How to create or burn MP3 audio CDs on Ubuntu Linux with K3B?

K3B is a program designed for the DVD and CD disc recording. Its functions include creating CDs in MP3, data, video or mixed format, i.e. audio and data at the same time. Just as you can copy CDs or format them.

Therefore, it is an application with a multitude of functions, which makes it a very useful item to install on your computer (before you download it and start the process below, it is recommended to search for what discs are and what are they for? Optical ?, in so you can get more information on what you will do next).

Create or burn MP3 audio CDs on Ubuntu Linux with K3B

The first thing we see when we open the application is a question about the writing speed of the CD burner on your computer. To continue, click on " Accept ".

Subsequently, you will see the application welcome interface on the screen. It is divided into two parts horizontally. The upper part is intended for choosing the files that will be copied to the optical disc.

At the same time, the lower part is prepared for shortcuts intended for creating new projects and for being able to drag and drop the necessary files onto them.

How to create or burn MP3 audio CDs on Ubuntu Linux with K3B?

These same options are also found in the drop-down menu " Fillet ”Where you can select the section "New project". There, you choose from creating a new audio or video CD, to copying files that are already on an optical disc.

Steps to create or burn MP3 audio CDs on Ubuntu Linux with K3B

An MP3 CD is a CD that can be played on audio equipment thanks to the CD player included. This is also possible on computers as long as they are equipped with a CD player. This type of optical disc will not be able to hold any other file types besides MP3 unless it is recorded in mixed mode, which is rare today.

To start creating or burning an MP3 audio CD in Ubuntu Linux with K3B, the first thing you need to do is go to the program interface and drag the files you want the CD to contain to the bottom of the screen. These will be sorted into a list of songs with the duration of each and other details of interest.

Importantly, these files must be in audio format only, such as WAV, OGG or, in this case, MP3.

Once you have chosen all the files you want to contain on the CD, you need to select the " Burn ". After that, a window will appear with more options that you will need to adjust while creating the disc.


Setting the recording options

One of the most important to configure is the recording speed. It is more recommended that it be 16x or less. This change will allow the CD to be readable on any device with a built-in CD player.

How to create or burn MP3 audio CDs on Ubuntu Linux with K3B?

If you want to make multiple copies of the same CD, you need to check the " Copy ". This way you can record the same song list multiple times without having to repeat the steps explained above.

After configuring the recording options, click the "button again. Register ”To start the process. This takes just a few minutes, that's how easy it is to create or burn an MP3 audio CD on Ubuntu Linux with K3B.

If you want to broaden your knowledge, look for how to install a Blu-ray disc player in Linux, or you can also choose to find how to burn a DVD or music CD in mp3 format without programs, and how to recover files from a DVD in case you they hurt.

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