How to easily remove or delete an iCloud account? - Complete guide

Also known as the cloud, it is a exclusive system for Apple devices which deals with creating a space for storage of personal data. This way, there is no need to place the content in removable memories or mobile space, also avoiding possible loss or theft that put your information at risk.

Whatever the reason you decide to ditch this wonderful tool, here you will find a number of simple options to get it.

What should you keep in mind before deleting iCloud account from your Apple device?

Unfortunately this is not a process that culminates in simply canceling your cloud membership. Once the iCloud account is successfully deleted, the privilege of a set of services on Apple devices will be lost.

For starters, you won't be able to more log in to iMessage to receive messages, the same happens with FaceTime and iCloud Mail, as well as the purchases and contents that make up the iTunes library and iBooks will no longer be available on your mobile. This also includes documents and multimedia files that have been stored in the cloud.

How to easily remove or delete an iCloud account? - Complete guide

As for the applications of the device, everyone who deserves to store content in iCloud will lose their ability to use it, as well as access to Apple Pay, Find My iPhone, Game Center, among others. For these and other reasons, yes recommends making a backup before deleting the iCloud account, so you can safeguard your important content.

So, if you are aware of this type of information and want to continue with the procedure, continue reading this article to know how to do it.

How can you delete iCloud account via computer?

While it is considered a bit complicated, it doesn't really take a lot of steps to complete. To get started, you need to open the browser of your choice and enter the URL in the address bar to access the Apple Identification System page.

On the main page you can write the email that is linked to your iCloud profile and enter your account password in the bottom bar. Upon entry, complete i security fields provided by the Apple page, so that it allows you to enter your user profile.

How to easily remove or delete an iCloud account? - Complete guide

Then, click on the settings panel and look for the "Temporary Support PIN" option. Once selected, a window will appear allowing you to "Generate PIN", which will show you a code valid only for half an hour. This code must be noted, because the next step is call Apple's support team (900 812 703) and they will ask you for the combination generated by the system.

You will conclude by explaining your case, which consists in wanting to delete the iCloud account that belongs to you, asking them to proceed to remove it from the Apple platform and, therefore, finish the procedure.

Try it on your iPhone phone!

Compared to the previous procedure, doing this using an Apple device is much easier, as you'll find everything inside the "Settings" section. By entering this tool, you will be able to scroll down the entire list until you find the option for "iCloud" and click on it to access its settings.

In a nutshell, you will find in the last part the suggestion «Delete account» or «Close session» which is generally presented in red to stand out.

When you select it, you will be asked to confirm your decision. After all, you just need to contact the Apple service center for request the PIN code and perform the same final steps as in the previous procedure. In short, deleting the iCloud account is easier than it looks.

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