How to insert or write the copyright or trademark symbol in Photoshop

Adobe created the Adobe Photoshop program which has a large number of tools that allow you to capture your ideas quickly and easily.

This can be so easy and practical by using the quintessential image editing tool that it will allow you to complete the process successfully.

To do this, you don't need to be an expert in using this program. You just have to be willing to do it and follow these steps shown below.

Without any problems, add the copyright symbol in Photoshop in the form of text

Well, there are several ways to put the proprietary mark on the content that is being developed, and one of them is to add it in the form of text.

Now, to achieve this and as expected, you need to open the program by pressing the Photoshop icon on the desktop or in the Windows software menu.

It should be noted that this procedure is applicable for 2017, 2018 and 2019 versions. Those before these may not be the same.

Therefore, within the program, in the upper tab of the program it will be searched for one with the name " Text «, Which once pressed will show a series of alternatives.

Among these there will be a so-called " Panels "That if pressed will show other options, among which you have to choose the one that says" Pictogram panels «.

How to insert or write the copyright or trademark symbol in Photoshop

As a result, a tool with fonts will open on the left side of the screen, where you can draw the Copyright symbol in Photoshop.

As? Well, in the list of letters that appears below, you have to look for the characters that correspond to the symbol " Copyright «.

That is a " R " it's a " C Surrounded by a circle, and can be found in the ninth column of letters, more to the left than to the right.

As a result, the desired letter is selected by double clicking after shading a point on the sheet and it will appear automatically.

Even simpler: add the Copyright icon with the keyboard

Another way to add the copyright symbol in Photoshop is to use the computer keyboard itself, which is quite simple and practical.

There are two ways to put these stamps, the first is to affix the brand symbol by typing " Other "Together with the numbers" 169 «.

The corresponding letter will appear, represented by a " C Which, as mentioned, will be surrounded by a circle.

While to insert the Copyright is the same method with the difference that, instead of pressing the numbers " 169 "Will be the characters" 0169 «.

By pressing the command, the characteristic letter " R »Will be drawn immediately at the point selected by the user on the image or on the white sheet.

Creation is the key to placing the copyright symbol in Photoshop as a shape

To insert the Copyright character on the sheet, it is necessary to use a tool called » Custom Forms Tool «.

How to insert or write the copyright or trademark symbol in Photoshop


It can be placed on the left side of the toolbar where you can find the types of pointer, eraser, cut element, among others.

This will be represented with a spot of paint. It is located at the bottom, and it is above the magnifying glass icon, which if pressed will show the option you are looking for.

The tool will be enabled at the same time as a segment in the upper tabs in the form of a white arrow on a black background, behind " Align edges «.

Selecting the arrow in this section will show some shapes. However, the symbols will not appear, so they must be added first.

Then, the gear on the right is chosen and the option " Symbols Is located at the bottom. This will make others appear, different from the previous ones.

In this way the Copyright symbol can be drawn in Photoshop by selecting it and drawing it as if it were a text box, with the desired size. Once your image is ready, save it without any problem and without losing quality.

Just as you can add elements to your design, you can also easily remove it. It doesn't matter if the image you want to work on has a watermark, text or letters, all these elements can be extracted thanks to the program's tools

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