How to install WordPress locally with DesktopServer from scratch?

Creating a website with WordPress is a process that requires the best tools and should not be considered easy.

Opting for a local server allows you to access the web you are designing as well allows you to browse through it without having signed a Hosting contract.

The goal of this program is to allow the creation of a WordPress space from the computer to generate changes without endangering the web we have online.

What is DesktopServer?

This is a tool dedicated to working exclusively at the mercy of WordPress together with content installations, ensuring their understanding and use.

It belongs to the company Serverpress, which despite offering a paid service, has a limited version that offers many advantages for the developer.

Because it is a program designed specifically for WordPress, ensuring its optimization as a local AMP stacking to install this platform locally.

How can I get DesktopServer?

If you are interested in installing WordPress locally with DesktopServer from scratch, you should start by logging into the Serverpress main page and accessing the » area download «.

A table will appear on your computer screen that establishes the comparison of benefits between the Limited version and the Premium version.

How to install WordPress locally with DesktopServer from scratch?

Two buttons corresponding to each version will be displayed at the end of both columns; in this case we will choose to press the column Limited which contains the phrase " Free - Add to cart ".

From this moment on, the request you made will be displayed, where you will have to enter your details and accept the terms and conditions before pressing » buy «.

You will be shown a list of DesktopServer versions, where you will have to choose the one that comes closest to your computer. Click on its URL to download. Take a WiFi speed test to avoid delays.

Installation process

After unzipping the downloaded file to start the installer, then clicking on » read more »Starts the procedure as administrator.

By accepting the terms and services, select the option that says " fresh installation of DesktopServer »E click » read more »To begin the installation process.

Instructions to install WordPress on the local server with the DesktopServer program

At the end of the DesktopServer installation, start the software from the folder created on the local disk named " xampplite ". From the moment it starts up, you need to select the » administrator privileges »And then click on» NEXT «.

How to install WordPress locally with DesktopServer from scratch?

At that moment you must start the Apache and MySQL services and activate the developer plugins before pressing " NEXT ". From here, you will create the page, as you will select " create a new development website «, Which will install WordPress for your use. To press " NEXT «.

Choose the site name, which in turn will be the new local address, and set the development URL that will be on the computer.

All the files you draw from now on will be saved in the folder «I my documents »And when you have finished configuring everything you need for your new WordPress site on a local server, press» creates «.

Finally, the software will take care of showing the URL of the local WordPress server you have installed, on which you can click to edit the created page.

At this point, you will assign the title to the site, choose a username, the password to log in and the e-mail address to attach everything to. In this way, you will click on " Installa WordPress »To finally have the local server and guarantee the correct functioning of your site.

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