How to make video calls or calls with more people or more than 3?

But for that, you need to know what are the most viable options to make it happen in the best way. Therefore, here we bring a top of the main applications for this task as well as the way to make the call or the video call with more than two or three people.

Thanks to WhatsApp

This is one of the main options to consider for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it is globally known and used by the population.

This makes it easier to start a video call or call with multiple people if they all already have the App installed, so they just have to follow the following method.

First, one of the affected people needs to run WhatsApp on their device and locate one of the other users they want to chat with.

Subsequently, and within the chat, the icon of the " Camera "(For video calls) or the" Telephone "(For calls).

Then the other person has to respond to the request to start the conversation. Once this is active, the other participants are added.

To do this very easily, you just have to click on the icon of a person with a symbol " + "Or" Add participant “, And is located in the upper right part of the screen.


How to make video calls or calls with more people or more than 3?

Next, choose from the contacts you want to add and that's it, you just have to wait for them to accept the call.

It will be the same for both a video call and a multi-person call, the limit is a conversation between 4 people (you and three others).

Group conferences with Zoom

This application, unlike the previous one, has the main objective of being able to make video calls or group conferences.

Therefore, the its use is mainly aimed at the problems of remote work, although it does not exclude personal use. You can even record a meeting with Zoom in case you need to watch it later.

Now, among its features we find that, in its free version, it is allowed to include up to a total of 100 attendees per meeting, whose duration cannot exceed 40 minutes.

If, on the other hand, you have the Pro or Business version, the difference in the limit is huge, with up to 1000 people who can participate and adding another set of benefits.

Now, to start a call with multiple people, you need to have the App downloaded and a session in it.

Now the section " Meeting and chat "Is found to create a" New meeting ", Where you can previously choose if you want to have the" Active video ".

Then press " Start a meeting ". And to add participants, you just have to go to the tab " Contact Us ”And add the ones you want.


How to make video calls or calls with more people or more than 3?

Another way to join a meeting is through the meeting identifier, which the host can get into the meeting details and share with interested parties.

House party

As the name suggests, this allows you to do a " house party “, And this means nothing more than the fact that you can have group meetings or chats.

In this case, you need to run the application and scroll the menu from bottom to top by accessing " Scroll up ". Next, you will find one of the contacts you want to talk to and, next to their name, press the " Join ".

After that, he will have to accept the video call and, for the rest of the participants to join, he will have to do the same process only with someone already connected.

In this way the application will connect the requests and they will join the same call with more people, without needing an invitation or anything else. Just know the plans in advance.

A limitation of the HouseParty is that the maximum number of participants per meeting is 8 people and that is in English.

But they are compensated for by including other possibilities, such as the ability to develop games of a playful nature.

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