How to update Facebook

How to update Facebook

Do you want update Facebook but you don't know how to proceed? It is a quick and easy process that will allow you to get the most updated version of the social network on your mobile, so you can enjoy the new features, improvements and bug fixes that have occurred.

Facebook currently has applications for iOS, Android and also for PC, although the vast majority of people who use their computers access the social network via the web, which does not need to be updated, although if you use one of the previous options it is necessary to update.

Although all the app should be updated automatically, this may not always be the case and you need to manually update to get the latest version of Facebook, which is exactly what we will explain below.

Facebook per iOS

If you have Facebook installed on iPhone or even iPad, these are the steps you need to follow to manually update the app from either of these two devices:

  1. Go to the App Store and click on your profile picture.
  2. Now scroll down and wait a few seconds for the app store to find new updates, check Facebook is listed and update it. After a few seconds, you will have the updated Facebook app.

Facebook for Android

If you own a Android mobile or tablet the procedure doesn't change excessively, you just have to enter the Google Play Store and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu button and access «my applications».
  2. There check for new app updates and if you get Facebook in the list you just need to update it.

Facebook per Windows 10

You can have Facebook per Windows 10 through the official app that you can download from the Microsoft Store, so you won't have to use a browser to access it. To update this app, do the following:

  1. Press the Windows + Q keys, type "Microsoft Store" and enter the option.
  2. Now click on the button with the three horizontal dots at the top right and go to “downloads and updates”.

  1. Without leaving the «download» section (you will see that you have marked it as indicated in the left column), Facebook should appear in the list of available updates, in which case update and you will get the latest version of Facebook.

In this simple way you can always have Facebook updated to the latest version, thus enjoying the new features that it may include, but also important improvements and possible bug fixes and security fixes that are also of great importance.

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