What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large or heavy files by mail?

The best alternatives to WeTransfer you can use

We will tell you in detail about the best WeTransfer alternatives you can use for transfer quite large or large files. We simply encourage you to read each one carefully, so that you can choose the one that looks best to you.


To get started, we're going to tell you about a great app called Dropbox, which currently has nearly 500 million users worldwide. Without a doubt, this is a great alternative for store documents in the cloud and share them with all your friends without any problems.

Dropbox can be downloaded for free from its official website, both for computer and mobile device. With its free version, Dropbox gives us the opportunity to store up to 2GB of information in the cloud. Another thing you should know is that you can also sync your account on different computers. If you have been interested in having DropBox, you can watch this article which shows how to install and update it.

Google Drive of the best alternatives to WeTransfer

One of the main ones alternative a WeTransfer is the Google Drive service, which is undoubtedly one of the best known by Gmail users. To enjoy the benefits of Google Drive on your computer, you don't need to download anything. You simply need to have a Gmail account in order to have the ability to save files to the cloud.

What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large or heavy files by mail?

In this case, in fact, we can enjoy a maximum of 15 GB of storage space, ideal for storing important documents and accessing them later from any device with a stable Internet connection. On the other hand, Google Drive also has a mobile app that you can download for easier access to your documents. Learn with us to access Google Drive from any computer or device.

Another advantage of Google Drive, compared to those offered by other platforms, is that you can edit files from the cloud; for example, you can make presentations, edit documents with your version of Word and even a powerful google sheet, which perfectly simulates Excel functions. We gladly did a review of all of this for free.

4 Shared

This other platform which is gaining popularity recently due to its excellent performance. With 4Shared you can download and transfer a wide variety of files without problems. Among the types of documents we can share we have videos, photos, files, books and songs.

Indeed, this platform there offers nearly 5GB of storage in so that we can save our files in the cloud. When it comes to transferring files, we don't have any kind of limitations, which is a major advantage in this case.

On the other hand, we can also activate the option to protect our documents with a password. This will prevent third parties from having access to the information we are sharing. This is why the 4Shared service offers us maximum security in sending information to our contacts.

What are the best alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large or heavy files by mail?

Send anywhere

Finally, we invite you to give take a look at Send Anywhere, as it has many advantages when it comes to transferring and archiving documents using the cloud. This service gives us nearly 10GB of completely free storage, so you can keep your most important documents and files.

In case you need more storage space, it is possible use the premium version of this platform. This way you'll have access to 1 terabyte of extra space to store tons of files. For this you will only have to pay a subscription of $ 6 per month.

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