What is DiDi Global? Step by step explanation

You can get the services of authorized vehicles or taxis through a mobile application or multimedia applications. It works similar to other applications like Cabify, Smart Taxi , Uber InDriver Beat , Tomorrow,  among others.

What services does DiDi Global provide?

DiDi offers several services, such as the following:

  • DiDi Premier: provides users with a luxury car service and specialized assistance.
  • DiDi Bus or DiDi Mini-bus: If you need to mobilize a group of people, this is the ideal service, as for medium and long duration tourist routes. Some companies have hired this service to mobilize their employees.
  • DiDi car rental: It helps you if you are traveling to another city and you need a vehicle at hand that is always at your disposal.
  • DiDi Taxi: it is also known as DiDi Driver. But what is DiDi Conductor and how does it work? It is summarized in an authorized taxi rental service, for the time and route that suits you best. Here it is worth saying that they send you a photograph of the driver who will pick you up, so you can recognize him, for your added safety. Although we will talk about this last detail a little later.
  • DiDi Express: what is DiDi Express? It is a mobility network with advantageous rates for single users, or in groups of up to 4 passengers plus the driver.
  • Assigned guide: this service is provided to people who, for example, have been drinking and cannot drive their vehicle.
  • DiDi Enterprise Solution: this service is provided to corporate customers.
  • DiDi Food: what is DiDi Food and how does it work? It is a food delivery service in China. It has also been introduced in some Mexican cities such as DF, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla and Toluca and is expected to be offered in other cities around the world.

What is DiDi Global? Step by step explanation

How can I register to be a DiDi passenger?

The first thing is to know what DiDi Pasajero is and how it works, then download the application “DiDi Passenger” from the App Store or Google Play Store; open it and enter your mobile number including your city code. Accept the conditions. They will send you a registration code which you will enter in the respective boxes. Set a security code. Enter your personal details and payment method. 

In this regard, many motorists complain about their safety a photo of the user should also be taken registered; as the lack of this photo would make them potential victims of theft. If you have problems with registration, you can contact the call center, where they will guide you to continue with the registration process.

How can I register to become a DiDi partner or driver?

You can register as driver, taxi driver, driver or partner without a driver. To do this, you must deliver the documentation required by DiDi based on the country in which you reside and comply with the DiDi security validation processes.

What is DiDi Global? Step by step explanation

Does DiDi Global charge commissions?

DiDi charges each driving partner a fee of 10% per trip made. DiDi has a charging scheme which is distributed between the customer and the driver. We explain: The customer has to pay a percentage, depending on the distance traveled and other factors, between 4 and 5%.

In the case of the driving partner, their 10% commission is calculated after subtracting the percentage that the customer has already paid. Let's take as an example that the route has a value of 100.000 pesos. The customer would cancel the 4000 pesos commission. So they subtract 96.000 pesos, then the DiDi driver will discount 9.600 pesos, which would leave his net profit at 86.400 pesos.

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