What is the price of the subscription to the OurTime dating site?

What is OurTime?

OurTime is a dating site for people over 50 years old. This site was created in Spain by the Meetic company in 2017. OurTime users can find friends, long-term relationships, dating or correspondence. On some occasions, people log into the site for the purpose of looking for a partner to marry.

OurTime is available for the United States and in Europe it is very popular especially in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany. Currently, there is a percentage of 45% of female users and 55% of male users. Most of the users are single, divorced or widowed.

How does OurTime work?

OurTime works thanks to a database that stores i profiles of its users. Today there are around 500.000 users in Spain. Likewise, the highest records are held by the UK. As happens when Facebook Couples is activated, in OurTime members must fill out a profile and access “activities” to arrange an appointment.

What is the price of the subscription to the OurTime dating site?

During registration, the user will be able to interact with an OurTime coach who will guide him through the process. In this regard, he is asked for his sexual preferences, name, e-mail and password. The user receives a message to verify their identity and the system starts the search process to show any related people.

What is the price of the subscription to the OurTime dating site?

OurTime is a very popular site in Europe because it allowed establish relationships between mature people. In this way, members have the opportunity to share interests, photos, as well as future appointments and relationships. For this reason it might be interesting to know the price of the subscription to this website as explained below.

Services offered by OurTime

It is important to note that the OurTime website offers a free service and a paid service. The first allows you to create and register a profile, carry out advanced searches, send favorites, use the photo gallery and create a list of favorites. It does not require the use of an application as it happens during the download and installation of Facebook Couples.

For its part, the payment option allows you to send messages, browse without ads, get discounts with activities, see the complete profiles of other members and find out who was interested in your profile.

Costs and prices of subscription to the OurTime site

Regarding the costs and prices of the subscription to the OurTime site, it is important to note that the Premium subscription for one month it costs 44,99 euros. If you prefer the quarterly mode, the cost rises to € 68,97 (€ 22,99 per month), while the six-month subscription costs € 71,94 (€ 11,99 per month)

What is the price of the subscription to the OurTime dating site?

In addition, the "Incognito mode" option is offered at a cost of EUR 9,99 for a period of one month. Therefore, it can be said that the subscription costs on OurTime are average in price compared to other sites of the same type.

What are the payment options for an OurTime subscription?

If you want to access Premium membership, you can use a debit, credit or PayPal card like payment method. We recommend that you access the semester option if you are serious about looking for a partner through the service offered by this site.

You can cancel the renewal of your subscription 72 hours before it expires. To do this, the user must log in to their account and in the "Manage my pass" option they must select "Cancel my renewal". Find out how Facebook Couples works if the OurTime service doesn't quite convince you.

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