Why are Tinder chats disappearing?

Why are Tinder chats disappearing?

Undoubtedly, one of the strangest and most unfortunate situations that can happen when chatting on Tinder is, -for a strange reason- chats or conversations disappear and along with these, the users with whom you were pleasantly chatting and hereby knowing to… Uhmmm make a nice friend or, simply, flirt. Well, if you are using Tinder and you don't know why Tinder chats disappear, this article will hit you like a rain since here, we will clearly reveal what happened with those Tinder chats or conversations that have disappeared and, by the way, What can you do in the face of this unfortunate fact involving the loss of your significant other…

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Why Tinder Chats Are Disappearing | 3 reasons

Firstly, it is worth noting that every conversation or chat on Tinder originates when a mutual attraction arises or, in other words, when a certain person gives a «I like it» to another on Tinder and this person does the same to that person. He gave him a «I like it» and after this, a section appears where you can talk and try to reach a happy ending or bring this mutual attraction originated in Tinder and so far, everything is fine with this method.

However, some Tinder users have seen that some or some Tinder conversations have disappeared. Given these facts, Tinder in the his instructions indicates that you need to log out and log back in again to be sure of this puzzling situation and to do so, you need to tap on the profile icon found at the top of the home screen and go to «Settings» and then on «Close» and then log in. Well, if the Tinder conversation doesn't show up then, it's time to tell them the truth and even if that hurts, you need to tell them the 3 reasons why it happens:

1.- One option is that the person you had a mutual attraction with on Tinder and were able to talk about something for one reason or another, has removed or removed the » Like » from you and with that, the conversation thread on Tinder disappears that you had with that person not appearing in your Tinder chat section and by the way, this is one of the most common or frequent reasons.

2.- Another option is that Tinder user for some reason she deleted her Tinder account or profile without saying anything about it and with it, the conversations that have been established with that user are automatically deleted and because of this disappeared that chat on Tinder.

3.- A last option and which is not very common, is that somehow the person you chatted with on Tinder violated the policies and terms of service and for this reason steps have been taken to delete that profile. However, this kind of situation is pretty much insignificant, but it needs to be mentioned here, as a possibility.

As you will see, the reasons why Tinder chats disappear are quite logical and reasonable for it to happen, but nevertheless they are quite unfortunate and sad for the Tinder user who is faced with this kind of situation, especially if he thought his significant other knew about it…

Now, more than one user affected by this situation will wonder how to recover Tinder chats or conversations that disappeared? Unfortunately, there is no way or way to recover those threads or conversations that were had on Tinder and disappeared. However, something can be done to get back in touch with that person who removed that "Like" and I'll explain it to you below.

If they need to reconnect on Tinder with that person you consider special, the only option left for them is delete their Tinder account and create it again, yes, with new and attractive photos so that you can find that person again. special, give the respective «I like it» and hopes this is mutual so we can talk again and recover contacts on Tinder. Obviously it should be noted that by deleting the account they will also delete the conversations they have had with other users and therefore you should think very carefully if what you are doing is worth…

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Tips for not losing Chats and contacts on Tinder

Finally, I want to leave some tips that always come in handy to prevent the chat from disappearing due to the removal of the "Like" and also to avoid losing contact with some special or interesting person who has been deleted from Tinder.

  • Keep the fire, interest, attraction or whatever you want to call it from the start in Tinder chats so they don't remove the » Likes «.
  • Specifies and invites to date and meet on tinder, do not perpetuate a conversation through tinder as the idea is to meet and over time can take the interest and desire of any chat on tinder.
  • When you chat with people on Tinder, try -among other things- to exchange some data that can be very useful if a user disappears for no reason, since this data can allow you to search for him, for example, in some other social network and try to recover the contact you don't want to lose.

Finally, that's all that can be said as to why Tinder chats disappear and what can be done to recover said chats and contacts. Now, the most important thing is to have good social skills to connect with others on Tinder and be able to flirt, which is the idea of ​​this geosocial application. Good luck!

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