10 Best Apps to Create YouTube Intros

10 Best Apps to Create YouTube Intros

YouTube is one of the most impressive social platforms of all, thanks to the sheer amount of audiovisual content it offers. If you are a follower of several YouTubers, you may have noticed that their channels contain a small video at the beginning which serves to introduce them and preview what their space is all about. They are called intros and are created with advanced editing software, but you can achieve the same results with these YouTube intro maker apps.

Its function is to offer you hundreds of tools so that you can create, design and structure the most spectacular entrances that exist, being able to choose between templates and visual effects that will leave you speechless. In Applicationsfor.org we wanted to offer you a review that will teach you the most functional options so that you can make your own videos without having previous knowledge. Next, ours TOP 10 of the best apps to create YouTube intros.

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10. Intro Maker per YouTube – Intro Video Maker

If you're starting your own channel, it's important to create the most impressive intro ever. Intro Maker is an application that offers you more than 4.000 editable templates with various themes for your voices, including vlogs, video games, TV series, emojis, with fires, awesome texts, special effects and many other alternatives. In addition, you can find tons of stickers and animated stickers to give it the touch that characterizes your space.

On the other hand, Intro Maker contains a catalog of over 100 free songs and sounds for you to use and save, although if you have your own audio you can upload it too. Sound effects are important, so you will find a list that will help you a lot. On top of that, the styles of each intro are varied and you can find cartoon, rocker, special effects, glitchy, corrupted, and more. You have to try it now!

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9. Intro maker with music, video maker and video editor

But if you need a whole editing studio where you can create cool inputs and also edit your videos, this app will appeal to you. Its function is to offer you a program that will allow you to create slideshows with photos, videos, add filters for each element, special effects that help improve editing, as well as save the results in high definition and share them on any available social network, taking advantage of formats and proportions.

Meanwhile, Intro Maker With Music contains an intro maker for your videos with over 50 themed templates ranging from Halloween, Scary, Christmas, Birthday, Party, Tech, Vlog and more. Get ready to take advantage of the authorless audio library or upload the one you have on your mobile phone. Also, the list of transitions and visual effects will make your slideshow outstanding.

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8. Animated Text – Text animation creator

As they say out there, a word says more than a thousand images. Well, animated text is the best option you have to create fabulous intro through texts and messages. You will find more than 50 templates for you to try, including different animations, transitions, visual and sound effects, as well as the possibility of being able to edit the text content, its typography, color, size and preferred animation style, distinguishing itself among the applications to create intros from YouTube.

Also, one of the amazing features of animated text is that you can add backgrounds, wallpapers and photos from your gallery, allowing you to expand your range of possibilities. If you don't like the animation of the model you have chosen, you can simply change, modify and modify it according to your taste. Once your work is ready, you can export it in high definition, medium or standard quality, as well as save it as a GIF to send to your WhatsApp friends or post on networks.

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7. Intro Movie Vlog Trailer Maker for Music and Youtube

Your video channel could be dedicated to daily Vlogs. Intro Movie will help you create the most amazing initial audiovisual of all, as it provides you with hundreds of editable templates where you just edit the text, change its size if you don't like it, change the background with colors and effects, among other features which you should try. You will find a number of titles with the typography and effects of popular series and movies, so you should give it a try.

Intro Movie Vlog also allows you to take advantage of the list of available audios and sound effects, without having to pay anything. The best part is that you can add your own sounds and songs, as well as record voice notes to give it that personal effect you've been looking for so much. Stickers are also a sensation, so you can use the ones offered by the app and add animation effects and cool transitions.

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6. Video Intro Maker – Editor video per Youtube

Creating posts for your YouTube channel has never been easier. With Video Intro Maker you will be able to use many editing tools to design amazing videos. Take advantage of the portfolio of templates that include spectacular visuals, sparkles and lights, as well as unique themes for colors, events, texts and even countdowns, in case you like to build anticipation among your subscribers.

On top of that, Video Intro Maker offers you a section for animated stickers, which you can add to your slideshow and thus give it a great motion effect. Texts are buzzing too, so whether you need to add an impactful message, highlight the topics you touch on your channel, or any other important detail, you can use the typography tool, change its color, and more.

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5. Intro Maker: Outro Maker and Intro Creator

No one said entries can't be changed. Or if? Intro Creator becomes one of the best applications to create YouTube intros, since it allows you to modify the movements, animations and duration of the elements that make up the audiovisual to give it personalized effects. The templates are so varied and unique that they look nothing like the rest of the apps. You will find sea, celestial, aerial, streamlined, party and much more themes.

In particular, the striking effect of Intro Creator is its tempo editor. You can change the number of times an object appears, as well as the number of layers that will be superimposed, based on the duration you define. Special effects are also available, so you'll find a folder with the best ones, as well as a series of filters to improve the quality of your videos and give them another intention.

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4. Animo – Intro Maker per YouTube Music Video Editor

Animations make your channel more appealing and Animo knows it. It's an application that offers you many templates with special effects, but includes an animated object in the background to highlight the message. You'll find Rubik's cubes, colored rays, musical waves, moving geometric figures, as well as a list of texts to add and a whole library of audio and sound effects that you can enjoy.

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3. Intro video maker

Text is essential to any introduction, especially if it's animated. This application provides you with a set of templates with different message styles and animated fonts so that you can give your channel an identity. The animations are organized in a folder and you can edit details such as entry time, special effects, add audio and songs from your gallery, among other great elements.

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2. Fort: Intro Maker for YouTube – Introduction to Fortnite

A trend that is trendy in video posts are geometric figures. With Fort you will be able to design spectacular intros using background effects with great animations and transitions. In addition, you will be able to edit text, add an impressive message, place stickers list and emoji stickers and many other options that you will surely love, although to access advanced features, such as adding audio, you will have to pay for the version Premium.

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1. Apex - Intro Maker for YouTube - Create Legends Intro

High definition templates, over 200 audios to use and a portfolio of animations and transitions, what more could you ask for? Apex is one of the best apps to create intros on YouTube because it offers you a catalog with animated backgrounds to enhance the visual part of your post. Also, through the text editor you can edit the title, add your channel name and place different thematic stickers for better effects.

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With these applications to create YouTube intros you will be able to use special effects, animations, transitions to animate texts, backgrounds, stickers, photos and videos, as well as create slideshows with images from your gallery, use a royalty-free audio library, take advantage of sound effects to highlight jumps in the audiovisual, as well as using the pre-designed templates with themes of Halloween, Christmas, vlogs, party people and much more.

In Applicationsfor.org we work to bring you the most spectacular reviews of proven and functional apps, so we take it upon ourselves to help you influence the audiovisual world by creating entertaining and professional voices. The options in the list are varied and specific, so you should try them all to enjoy their respective functions. This was ours TOP 10 of the best apps to create YouTube intros. Have a good time!

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