How to create a direct link to subscribe to my YouTube channel?

In no time, if the content is good enough, you will also be able to earn or get 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Dreaming is free.

This video page is the most used by internet users in the world and has a large amount of content uploaded by its users. You just have to search for the videos within a YouTube channel that you like and that's it.

These themselves make up the community of this website and, in order to gain a certain position, they are constantly looking for more followers or followers. By sharing the videos they upload or creating direct links to their profiles so that others can log in and sign up.

Those who run a blog on Blogger can even add the YouTube subscribe button to their website without any hassle.

The latter alternative is possible by applying a little trick which we will show below, segmented into simple steps.

Steps to create a direct link to subscribe to a YouTube channel

The first thing to do, of course, is to log into the platform, which works directly with Google accounts.

Which leaves us with two alternatives. The first is to enter the YouTube page and locate the button " Log in »In the upper right corner.

So it will ask account information and by providing them, you will have successfully logged into the video platform.

While the second is to enter the search link of Google, likewise, in the upper right corner will be where you need to click to start. The data is provided and you continue.

How to create a direct link to subscribe to my YouTube channel?

Now, to create a direct link you need to go to the section of channels, or from the Google applications button or from the YouTube page.

Once there, they will look the direction shown by the search engine. For this case we will use this example:


We can see that in the last section of the link the following appears: View as = subscriber This small part must be eliminated and replaced.

It will change to this: sub_confirmation = 1. Leaving as outcome the following link:


In this way it will have been generated, but it is not yet known if it is ready or working correctly, for this you have to use a Chrome incognito window.

In it, the created link will be copied and pasted and will be given " Submit So that it goes to the address above. If the link works, when you enter the profile, it will ask the person directly if they want to subscribe or not.

Why is it so important to create a direct link?

Unlike other platforms, YouTube doesn't give you the option to generate a direct link to your profile or, indeed, of any specific type.

It is more common for people to have channels and constantly upload content copy and paste the links of the most recent videos on their social networks.

And others, when they watch and enjoy the video, can be redirected to the YouTuber's profile by clicking on their photo icon, which is usually always visible when viewing content owned by them.


How to create a direct link to subscribe to my YouTube channel?

Another option is to find it from the platform search engine which will return (provided that the name is the same or that it closes) the desired channel.

But nothing is more versatile than creating a direct link through which you can directly access the place where the button is located " SUBSCRIBE «, As well as all uploaded content.

Therefore this method is the most effective and, to some extent, the safest way that can exist. Since the channel advertising it is not limited to a single video.

Likewise, it can be directed by the user for free and using the strategy to promote their channel that best suits them and works for them.

This is how you are free to create banner ads to spread your profile more widely, leaving it without any limitation in terms of promotion.

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