How to create an interactive index in Power Point in a few steps

Office Power Point is another of the versatile tools we always use to create our slides. But if we're honest, we know very little about how to use it, make the most of it and give our projects a professional touch.

We will not complicate much, since you can find other tutorials such as creating an organization chart and this is explained in great detail, so we will explicitly explain how to create an interactive index in Power Point in a few steps.

How to create an interactive index in Power Point in a few steps

When we are working on creating PowerPoint presentations, you will wonder why to create indexes . In previous installments we have explained how to do it, but how to make it interactive, it will not be very difficult to do so, join us so that you can learn a little more about the efficient use of this Office tool.

Having organized and being able to quickly access any sheet of our presentation seems to be very convenient. And with this we will avoid wasting time looking for some data or concepts in our document. Yes, you will tell me, but this program does not have this option for create indexes.

Well, let me tell you that if it is possible, that's why I invite you to keep reading and learning easy tricks to perform to achieve our mission. Unlike Word, that if it is possible to do it easily and without complicating our life. With Power Point, there is a way that will blow you away with its simplicity.

How to create an interactive index in Power Point

As in other articles, we will make the exception to tell you that to perform these tricks we have used Power Point 2016. Having clarified this, let's start with the explanation of the steps to follow.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we have done our presentation and we choose any slide. We select and then we go to the Insert tab and then we go to Zoom. Let's make a clip and several options appear, choose Summary Zoom and move on to choose all those slides I want to be in this summary.

I can choose the amount I want or choose all of them, it will all depend on what you need in your project. After making your choice, let's go to Insert and create a clip. This action will take us to a slide where all the ones I chose in the previous step will appear, I delete the Add title option.

If I wish, I can select the area of ​​this slide and I can enlarge it, to get a better view of the slides it contains. I can right now, if I want to delete any slide, I can do it by going to the top menu, selecting the Format tab and on the left I create a clip in the tab  Edit summary.

Then, my slides are displayed with a box showing that they are selected, I remove the selection of the one or ones I don't want to see anymore and I click on Update.

We already have this slide ready, if we go to the left we can find all the slides of our presentation and this has been added. We select it and drag it to place it after the title slide.

Slide presentation

This is done to have the organization of our presentation, where the title will be first, then the index and finally the slide that shows us the end of our presentation. We need to place it in this order, then press the F5 key to start the presentation.

How to create an interactive index in Power Point in a few steps

Upon startup, our title will be shown, so I do a submit and it will go to next slide, where will be the index of all contents. Using the mouse, I position myself on any slide I want to show and create a clip. In this way, an interactive Zoom is created and it will show us only that slide.

If I crop again on this slide, the Zoom is returned and shows us the whole again slide that contains the index. I would do this with each of the slides so that they are displayed. After passing them all, I hit enter and go to the next slide which would be the end and then I finish your presentation.

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