How to disable or clear timeline activity history in Windows 10?

How to disable or clear timeline activity history in Windows 10?

The timeline has been very popular with Windows 10 users because it allows them to resume previously started tasks. However, it displays all actions that are performed on the computer in a way that makes it vulnerable privacy User.

It plays an important role, but just as it is possible to clear temporary files or the Windows cache, similar actions can be taken with the operating system Timeline.

Next, let's explain what it consists of Timeline and how to disable this feature in Microsoft Windows 10 to protect all information of your actions on the computer.

How to disable or clear timeline activity history in Windows 10?

What is Windows 10 history?

The Timeline o “Timeline” is a Windows 10 feature that was added to one of its updates in 2018, along with clipboard history that you can also delete. This feature allows users to view all activities that have been performed on the system including application history.

What is the timeline for?

Timeline is a function that is used to keep track of all the activities, applications, files and other actions that are performed in Windows 10. It is an extended version of what is seen in other systems, that is the classic recent files that are easily can delete, although in this new function the process is different.

On the other hand, Timeline allows you to go back to the jobs you have already started previously. So you can take advantage of the timeline by picking up on the activities you started a long time ago.

How does Timeline work?

Timeline works as a viewer of all the activities carried out on the computer. In this sense, the link “Win + Tab” takes the Windows 10 user to a screen that allows them to view the websites, applications, and files running on their computer.

Additionally, Timeline has an option to sync cloud activity to access the activities you have done in the last 30 days. Windows 10 also has options so that you can disable or delete the history that has been stored in the timeline.

How to disable activity history in Windows 10 and insert timeline?

To access the timeline, you have to go to an icon next to the “Cortana” search tool. From this function you will be able to locate and subsequently manage all the actions you have done in the operating system.

How to disable or clear timeline activity history in Windows 10?

Steps to delete an activity from the Timeline in Windows 10

If you want to delete an activity from the timeline history, you have to access this function by pressing the keys Win + Tab. Also, you can look for the icon "TaskView" that you located on the Windows taskbar.

Once in the Timeline, you need to select the activity you want to delete. To do this, right-click on the item in question. Then, you will see a confirmation dialog and there you will have to click on the “Yes” button.

Use the search tool

You can also search for a specific activity using the search box when you have many entries that make manual search difficult. Therefore, you can quickly find the entry you are about to delete.

Procedure for deactivating the timeline activity history

To turn off the timeline activity history you need to go into the settings and locate the option "Privacy". There you will find the "Activity History". Then, to the right of the configuration window you will see two options, which you need to disable "Allow Windows to collect my activities on this computer".

This way, you will not allow the operating system to collect the activities you do on your computer. Thus, the timeline or timeline stops working and your privacy will be protected.

Note that you can also configure Windows 10 privacy more broadly to further protect your integrity and data.

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