How To Disable Or Enable A User Account In Windows - Effective Guide

The technological revolution has come to stay, offering society new options to facilitate the way we consume gadgets, tools and devices.

The most important of these revolutions was the creation of operating systems such as Windows, which offers us a much friendlier and easier to use environment to carry out our business without the need for very advanced knowledge in programming or code management.

Windows is responsible for being as user-friendly as possible, so it has an immense amount of customizable options that allow us to make almost any changes to our operating system as long as it has been predefined by the developers. 

One of these editing options is managing different user accounts on the same computer, which helps us maintain privacy in our files and to generate much more organized work environments, so we need to know how to properly use this Windows option.

Why do I need to activate or deactivate a Windows user account?

User accounts are one way we can use to manage information, both for different people using the same computer, and for a person who has different activities and needs to have different Windows environments, so knowing how to activate or deactivate these accounts can provide the following benefits:

Save space on your computer

In case one of the user accounts has been out of use for some time, it will keep a good amount of space occupied on our hard drive, so deactivating and deleting it will open up memory space and speed up our computer.

How To Disable Or Enable A User Account In Windows - Effective Guide

Control who can access the computer

If we need privacy, creating a user account with a password can help us avoid any problem whether it has to do with other people browsing private files or work projects that cannot be made public.

What can I do when I activate a user in Microsoft Windows?

Activating a user account on our device has a large number of advantages, some of the most important that we can highlight are the following:

Special settings in the programs

As stated earlier, when we activate a user account in Windows, any configurations or changes we make in the operating system they will remain saved without any changes until the owner of the user account decides to make these changes.

Unique folders for a user

It will be possible to save special information in hidden folders that no one can access because these user accounts are usually embedded with passwords that prevent other people from using them.

What is the way to deactivate or activate a user in Windows 8 and 10?

Now, once we understand the possibilities offered by having user account management on our computer, you need to know how to perform this process, which can be done with 2 methods:

How To Disable Or Enable A User Account In Windows - Effective Guide

From the CMD command

For this method we will go to the search engine on the taskbar, type cmd and select the option that appears. In the window that appears during the execution of this action we will proceed to write the following command

  • / active: no

Where USER will be defined by the name of the user account that we want to deactivate or activate, if we want to deactivate it we will leave the code as it is by default, otherwise we will place only the new username and we will change the "no" to "yes".

Enter the control panel

To make the change from the control panel we can search for it in the search engine of the taskbar, we will go to the team administration option, within this we will look for the system administration option, within this option local users and groups to finally address the user. 

In this window all users will appear, to do any action we will only have to address the user's properties by right clicking and pressing the option, in the pop-up window we will only have to select the option in the box and the account will be be disabled.

How To Disable Or Enable A User Account In Windows - Effective Guide

Why can't I add a new profile to Windows?

This may be mainly due to the fact that Windows has a limit on user accounts which can be created for the same IP, so you will need to wait 1 or 2 days to generate the new user account, otherwise we have to contact Windows technical support.

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