How to format a PC and install Windows 10 from scratch

Whether you dedicate yourself only to work or to video games; your computer can't miss the new and updated Microsoft operating system. They may have told you that you need to make a payment, but here we can see how to install Windows 10 for free, using generic serial. However, you may be unsure how format your PC and install Windows 10 from scratch; Here we will teach you step by step, without any risk or complication for your team.

Features your PC must have

First of all, check that your PC has the basic requirements to be able to install the system; first, a 1 Ghz processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM for 32 bits or 2 GB for 64 bits.

Furthermore, the hard drive capacity it must be 16GB for a 32-bit operating system or 20GB for a 64-bit operating system; You also need a graphics card or DirectX 9 or later, with a WDDM 1.0 driver and 800 x 600 resolution screen.

Format and install Windows 10

To save the installer, you need to insert the USB memory where you will save the Windows 10 program, for this you need to format the memory so that it is completely clean. Once you have cleaned your USB memory, don't forget to make a backup of everything you have on your pc before starting the formatting process of your computer.

How to format a PC and install Windows 10 from scratch

Then go to the Microsoft tool you downloaded, double click where you will immediately see two options, 1 update your PC now and 2 create installation media for another PC; This second option is the one you will choose and pass next, where we will select the language, edition and architecture.

At the end you will see a box that says, use the recommended options for this team, choose that box. Then we hit Next and it offers you two options to choose the installation media we will need; first, USB key and second, download un file ISO to save on a DVD, we use the first option and choose the next.

Then the removable memory you entered will appear, then all the Windows 10 files will be copied to the memory; When finished, you will see a message stating that the USB flash drive is ready and click Finish.

We suggest a backup copy of the drivers and one of your personal data, such as music, videos, photos, among others. 

Final steps to install Windows 10

So you have to learn how to enter your PC's BIOS to know what keys you will use to format your PC; This will depend on your carrier's brand, however the method is very similar across all.

To start press restart your computer and when the screen went out; press the indicated key to enter the BIOS; then with the arrow controllers; up, down, left or right, go to the tab that says BOOT and at the bottom you will see the keys to be able to move.

Next, in this tab choose the boot mode; In USB FDD option, move this option as top priority, then press f10 to save changes; once done, it has to take you to the installation, click Next and it installs;

How to format a PC and install Windows 10 from scratch

Then a window will appear in which you will need to enter the license number. So you give it and a window will pop up saying what kind of installation do you want? and we choose the second option, that is to install Windows only, where it will show you all the hard drives of the computer; select the main partition and give the format and next.

 At the end of the installation, a window will appear which is used to configure Windows; you can give a chance to use quick settings; finally it asks you to insert an email or to create an account for the team and we have finished the installation. Keep in mind that later you may have to free up space in Windows 10 for some reason, here we explain it to you with an example.

So, this way and in a few steps you can format and install safely Windows 10 on your PC; Tell us if this article helped you, at the bottom you can leave your comments and suggestions.

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