How to make Google Maps recommend better restaurants

If you use Google Maps often, you'll know it has multiple tools related to places, restaurants and other establishments, even threatening the survival of TripAdvisor. For example, you can find out when is the best time to go to eat at our favorite restaurant.

How to make Google Maps recommend better restaurants

But if you're tired of always going to the same places, Google Maps can become the your best bar and restaurant advisor thanks to one simple trick which we explain below.

How to get Google Maps to recommend better bars and restaurants

Google Maps is a good way to find information about bars, restaurants and shops. Checking their timetables, knowing what kind of products they offer or knowing the opinion of those who have visited are just some of the things you can do if you use the Google maps service.

In addition to being able to express your opinions to get badges and benefits from Google Maps, you can also use the platform to recommend bars and restaurants that suit your tastes. Tell Maps your food and drink preferences e let the service discover new places for you to visit. We explain how, below:

  1. About Google Maps e click on your profile photo to access the options menu.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. On the new page, select Browse sites.
  4. From the Browse Sites menu, select Food / drink preferences.

How to make Google Maps recommend better restaurants

5º- In this new menu you can configure your preferences so that Google Maps knows which bars and restaurants should or shouldn't recommend you. First, click on Food Preferences to communicate to the service if you have intolerances or are vegan or vegetarian.

Go back to the main menu and click on I am interested to access a page where you will see different types of food. What you should do is select the ones you like best so Maps will recommend bars and restaurants of that style. Then, go back to the main page and click I don't care, in this case, tell Maps the food you don't like.

Once you have set your food and drink preferences, they will be saved in Google Maps. From that moment, the platform will begin to show you the bars and restaurants that suit your tastes when you search the map.

How to make Google Maps recommend better restaurants

Also, when you click on one of the venues that appear on Maps, its information card will show you what level of affinity you have with the bar or restaurant in question. Here is how you can see it in the last capture of the previous image.

As you can see, Google Maps can become a great tool for discover your next favorite bar or restaurant. You just have to tell it your food and drink preferences and let the algorithm do its job. After visiting it, remember to leave a review to help other users and gradually become the best Maps Local Guide.

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