How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used social networks in the world, its videos are also seen by millions of people a day and it is one of the ideal platforms to earn by uploading videos to our channel. We will show you how can we start making money on youtube, but first of all we will have to tell you that it is not an easy or quick task.

YouTube is Google's platform where millions of videos are consumed every day and more than 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute. As you can see, it's a platform that hasn't been forgotten, but a lot of the community is starting to feel a little more detached from this platform.

The reason YouTube is starting to be somewhat forgotten by many users is its tough rules against video, they very strict policies which make it very good for measuring content that is uploaded to YouTube users' channels.

Later we will give you the keys to being successful on YouTube uploading videos, also there are many options with which we can play on YouTube to be able to create content and ultimately achieve our goal, earn money.

Program for YouTube creators

To make money on YouTube we must first belong to YouTube Creators Program, but to be eligible for the YouTube Creators Program we need to meet a number of requirements:

  1. Have more than 4.000 public watch hours in the last year.
  2. Have more than 1.000 subscribers.
  3. Have a Google AdSense account linked to your channel.

If you don't meet these requirements, it means that you won't be able to monetize your videos and you won't even be able to make money with YouTube, a priori they are somewhat difficult objectives to achieve, but with the keys that we will give you in this article, you will certainly be able to achieve them without any problem, but as we said before it is neither easy nor fast.

Originality, the main key to your take off on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where we can find videos of any kind, always speaking from an ethical point of view, and suitable for all ages, unless there is a channel marked for people over 18 years of age.

Well, Being original is one of the keys to starting a successful channel on YouTube, because having so much variety of content we have to create our own, so being original should be your first aspect to create a YouTube channel and start having an audience and community.

Being creative is one of the main rules which you have to keep in mind, because no one wants to see already uploaded content on YouTube, so you have to be creative and differentiate what you do from others.

Constance, the best on YouTube

YouTube is a platform that sadly it doesn't favor the users who need it most, but favors youtubers who have more subscribers, i.e. they may have lower quality content that is sure to appear on the main YouTube page.

Growing on YouTube is very difficult and you have to plan your videos, content and dates for uploading videos. All this in order to build a small community that will grow little by little, but that will cost a lot to grow. Getting started on YouTube is a very complicated task and requires a lot of perseverance to do so.

By not uploading more videos you will be able to generate more income, i.e. you can upload seven videos per week, but if those videos have very few views or are viewed for a very short time, those videos do not generate any kind of income, instead the videos that look whole, which buy a lot of visits are the ones that do really.

Videos that generate revenue are thoughtful videos, videos that have a job behind them, whether it's editing or content quality, well, for example, it's a video of a video game even if the game has a lot of content, if the content you create is of quality you will have many more visits.

Tricks to make your videos more viewed

Next we'll show you a series of tricks that you can apply to all your videos right from the start, thus getting more visits, which equals more minutes of playback and therefore more revenue.

  1. An ideal team to create content: your team will be your tool to earn money on YouTube, so you must have a good microphone to make yourself heard loud and clear and also, if you upload content from consoles, you must have a good capture device to record your videos.
  2. Create catchy headlines: the title of the videos is a fundamental part when it comes to positioning a video, you have to create titles with originality and above all that attract everyone.
  3. The description of the videos is very important: videos that don't have a description don't have any playback, you need to add at least a short summary of what your audience will see in your video to entice them even more.
  4. The video thumbnail: A picture is worth a thousand words, always try to add a thumbnail that is eye-catching and gets people to watch your video.
  5. Interaction with other channels of your style: to get a little more visits, we advise you to advertise carefully, i.e. go to some of the bigger channels that have the same style and comment on their videos, in some places a link to your best video, but do it carefully otherwise they may ban you for spam.
  6. Share everything everywhere: create social networks of your brand or project, publish your videos on your social networks, interact with more people and have your closest environment share your videos on their networks to reach more people.
  7. A nice profile is a profile with visits: YouTube allows us to create a user profile where we can place a cover image with links and also a featured video or our latest video.
  8. The endless intro: intros and endings are very important, you should always create an intro for your videos that anticipate what they will see and at the end of the video link to other videos with amazing ending with multiple links.
  9. Email sending is still very effective: newsletters are a tool that still works very well, many websites still have a system for signing up for weekly or monthly newsletters, since you need to email all your contacts a newsletter that is captivating and comments on the news of your videos.
  10. Crea playlist: when you already have a good number of videos, you should create playlists with videos in an orderly way so that your current and future subscribers can browse your channel contents without fail in the attempt.

All of these tips and tricks will get you building a channel with fame and that you can generate income and earn money on YouTube, but as we have always told you in the article, perseverance is one of the virtues that YouTube serves, well Earning money is neither easy nor fast, but it will be something in the very long term.

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