How to prevent a person or a YouTube channel from viewing and commenting on my videos

YouTube is arguably the most important and well-known video hosting and playback platform out there. This in itself is part of our daily life. Through this we can see all kinds of videos focused on various topics, as well as we can share and choose the ones we want.

This Page has a large variety of options and tools essential in our daily life, some of the most notable is the ability to broadcast live video facilitating the streaming of all kinds of topics such as sports, news, TV channels, interviews and much more.

It also has one good variety of applications and extensions, one of the most recent and notable is the implementation of Youtube Music. This has the function of being an online music server in the purest Spotify style, one could say that at some point it ends up being its direct competitor.

This has all the options that Spotify has, from being able to download albums and songs with the best possible audio quality, as well as the ability to create our playlists based on our favorite tastes and artists, as well as being able to keep track of each of them, them and their latest releases.

Youtube is the best known video playback platform in the world and this is fully supported by the number of users who are registered in this amazing web portal. The number is about 2000 million users active, this figure was exposed last year.

How to prevent a person or a YouTube channel from viewing and commenting on my videos

Due to these gigantic numbers we can assure you that in the field of online video playback there is no competition whatsoever against the giant and powerful YouTube. The vast majority of people are registered on this platform and have very good reasons to earn credit.

Youtube itself ends up being a fairly social platform, with millions of people and topics of all kinds. We may not like everything we see, then we will have restriction options provided by the website. Stay and we'll tell you more details about this.

How to block a channel or person from YouTube?

Being an application and a website with a huge number of people, we will meet people of all kinds, by nice people with cool and cool channels, as well as weird and untrustworthy people with channels with reportable or unpleasant content.

Given the constant evolution of restriction rules di YouTube some functions have been enabled that offer its users to report, denounce or block an account as such within the website or even a channel that has inappropriate videos, discrimination, hate messages, racism, among others.

In this way, YouTube gives people the opportunity to clean up all reportable content and aspiring di facing a block. However, these accounts and channels may not be downloaded from the platform in all cases, but at least in your case you will never hear from them again.

To perform this action in case this is your case, you will have to follow the following steps that we will introduce and teach you below, in this way you can block or report an inappropriate account or channel without any problem or inconvenience. Stay tuned and find out all the details.

How to prevent a person or a YouTube channel from viewing and commenting on my videos

Steps to block or report an account or channel from YouTube.

Our first step will access the official YouTube website from any device or terminal, be it a laptop, computer, mobile phone, among others. Once there, we type the name of said channel or account that has inappropriate content from the platform's search engine and we will search.

With that done, we will be presented with a list of similarities with existing videos, accounts and channels. If we're lucky we will be able to see this first in this list.

We will proceed to select the video icon, where the photo of the channel or account of this user will be displayed, so that in this way we can enter the house. From there we will select "more information" and click on the for flag report or block the account.

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