How to put YouTube song lyrics to use as karaoke

How to put YouTube song lyrics to use as karaoke

Although YouTube does not currently have a special option to activate certain karaoke modes within the platform, you will be able to see the lyrics of your favorite songs in the best karaoke style with platforms Youka e Musixmatch.

Youka: da YouTube al karaoke

Let's talk about the first platform in question: Youka. This is a free online platform, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This platform that works with YouTube, basically what it does is convert any YouTube video into karaoke ready for you to start singing.

Youka offers you incredible options, such as the ability to sing songs in many languages, as the platform supports up to 108 languages. You will also have two versions of karaoke: the traditional way, with only background music to sing and another version, where you can listen to the a cappella voice that you can accompany with an instrument.

Musixmatch: for Google Chrome users who love karaoke

You can convert Google Chromecast professional karaoke, you can even successfully enable Musixmatch extension so you can start singing karaoke from today.

Best of all, it's a free extension that will give you access to an entire repertoire of songs on YouTube, transforming the place you are into an impromptu, homemade karaoke.

How to put YouTube song lyrics to use as karaoke

This platform works for phones iOS e Android e per MAC e PC, but it also works great on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

To have this extension in your Chrome browser, what you need to do is locate the application store from your phone or computer or consult its official website. After downloading Musixmatch on the device in question, you need to register on the platform by filling out a form or with your personal Google or Facebook account.

Once registered, everything will be ready to start singing, you just need to open Windows Media, iTunes or connect Spotify with Chromecast to start singing your favorite songs in more than 10 different languages.

A curious alternative to put song lyrics on YouTube to use as karaoke

Surely what we are going to tell you has not crossed your mind but, it is possible that you have a karaoke only with YouTube without using any kind of extension or application.

We said at first that YouTube doesn't have an official karaoke option and it still does today. So how can you use YouTube as karaoke without using external applications?

The answer to your question has been in front of you all this time. And to find the lyrics of a karaoke-style song on YouTube, all you have to do is enter the words karaoke or lyric video version in the search engine .

Then you can get the lyrics and music of your favorite songs. This is possible because artists and other unofficial channels take some time to load the lyrics of any song.

With this curious alternative you won't have to download or run any programs, you just have to log in to YouTube on the device of your choice and start viewing the lyrics of your favorite songs like in karaoke.

How to put YouTube song lyrics to use as karaoke

This tour of some tricks for putting song lyrics on YouTube so that you can use them as karaoke with family, friends, and even you just from home, was very helpful. Also with the MAC you can do Karaoke with videos and lyrics with a free program. Good now you can enjoy karaoke wherever you are, you just need the desire to sing!

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