How to tag the position of my YouTube videos? - Simple steps

It is possible that when we talk about tagging a location, we remember various processes of Google Maps such as placing labels on the addresses of places. Or even relate the problem to entering GPS coordinates, but don't worry, it's nothing of the sort.

In addition to offering the possibility of being able to view all your videos, or have a greater chance of visiting, in addition to the fact that the user will be able to observe the videos made in that location.

To modify the rental, you simply have to go to the section of your videos, where all the videos you have published are located.

Users will have the ability to watch all public videos where the geolocation, as well as private ones or those that are not on the list.

But in the latter case, the video must be shared with the person in question. Read on, through this section I will teach you how to tag the position of your videos on YouTube.

Tag the location of the videos

By adding your location to your YouTube videos, your videos can be searched geographically, which can help you get more quality views. It's better to focus on getting 100 quality views instead of 10.000, because that can help you generate better leads and grow your business.

Here you will see how you can tag the position of your videos on Youtube in a really simple way:

  • First log into your YouTube account.
  • After entering your details, you have to click on the option «The my channel "And then on" Video management «.
  • Now you need to select the video you want to tag.


How to tag the position of my YouTube videos? - Simple steps

  • Select option » Advanced Settings »Located under the video in the tab.
  • Now you have to enter the address in the box " Video position »And click on the button» search ". The address will appear on the map below the box.
  • When you are satisfied with the correct position, click on the blue button » Save Changes »At the bottom of the screen.

Next time you come back at " Advanced Settings »For that video, you should notice that the address has been converted into the numerical longitude and latitude of that particular address.

Geotagging your videos can be completed quickly, so if you're using video marketing and want to increase your local exposure, it's worth doing.

Optimize titles and descriptions for multiple visits

To optimize your YouTube videos, make sure video titles and descriptions align with your goals.

YouTube allows you to add a title up to 100 characters long, but it will be truncated after 70 characters. As a general rule, write a catchy title about 50 characters long.

Here are some other tips for writing YouTube video titles so you get more views:

  • Include long-term keywords.
  • Give the title as a question.
  • Focus on a solution.
  • Present the title as a case study.
  • Include the numbers.


How to tag the position of my YouTube videos? - Simple steps

The description of the videos

See your video descriptions as an opportunity to increase the number of views your channel's videos can receive.

YouTube search checks the title and description of the video to display the most relevant terms and use that information to rank the video in search results.

You can add more than 1.000 characters to the video description, but only the first two lines will be visible to give viewers an idea of ​​what the video is about.

That's why it's important to include important value propositions in the first two lines of the Description to take advantage of other users.

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