How to translate YouTube comments into Spanish?

How to translate YouTube comments into Spanish?

YouTube is one of the most successful media platforms of all time. Proof of this are his over 2,3 million active viewers it has as of mid-2022. And is that the platform offers audiovisual content of all kinds, for this reason it is not at all unreasonable that among our favorite YouTubers there are profiles that are not in our language. Which is a problem since the language barrier it is an inconvenience to interact with any community on this platform. And is that something as simple as leave or read a comment it can be a headache if we don't know the language in which other users comment. Luckily it is now possibletranslate YouTube comments into Spanish on Android and iOS and then El Androide Verde will explain how to do it easily and quickly.

Can YouTube comments be translated into Spanish?

In the past, the platform allowed translating i Comments thanks to the google translator. However, this feature was eventually retired.

Fortunately, the company has rehabilitated the translation of YouTube comments and you will learn how it works step by step below.

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How to Translate YouTube Comments on Android and iOS Quickly and Easily 2022

As simple as logging into our YouTube account via the official mobile application (on iOS or Android) and visit any channel that is not in our native language and go to the comments section.

  1. We find the comment we want translate into our language.
  2. We notice that at the very bottom there is a sentence that says «Translate into Spanish»Click on that section.
  1. We will automatically see how the comment comes translated into spanish without any problem.
  2. We, in turn, can click on at any time «View original (translated by Google)» to return the comment to its native language.

Why can't I translate YouTube comments?

In case you haven't enabled this new feature yet, remember that you do it is an option that will activate the platform on a staggered basis.

So it may take several days, weeks or even months to appear in your account, you just have to be patient. Something similar happens for example with Facebook couples, that not all accounts have this section and the platform is responsible for enabling it over time. In these cases, you just have to wait.

If you want you can comment if you already have this feature activated in your account and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks.. Thank you so much for your support!.

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