How to view subscribers to my YouTube channel - Who is subscribed to my channel

This post will show you how easy it is to see your subscribers on YouTube so you know who is subscribed to your channel; And that way you can be clear about the type of audience your videos are interested in. It could also help you see Youtube visits in real time with the online hit counter.

Steps to see your subscribers on YouTube

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel.
  2. If your account is not verified, we recommend that you take the opportunity to verify it without using your mobile.
  3. Go to "Creator Studio" button and click there; (You will see this option under your name in the drop-down menu).
  4. Choose the option «Community» located on the left side of the screen.
  5. A menu will appear where you need to choose the option "Subscribers" ; The total number of subscribers to your channel will immediately appear at the top. It is important that you know that you can only see the number of subscribers who decide to make their subscription public.

Ways to see who has subscribed to my channel from mobile or PC

Next we will explain how you can see your subscribers on yours Youtube channel , even if you can't see a detailed list in the mobile app, you can see the total number of subscribers in your profile.

Android and Windows

Per i computer:

  • Open youtube website from your search engine, if you are already logged in with your google account, your personal youtube home page will open.
  • If you haven't, you need to click on Log in and then enter with your email and password.
  • Click on the profile photo.
  • Then click Creator studio, this option is under your name in the profile, it will open a statistics menu for your channel.
  • Enter the community, is the tab found under the live broadcast tabs.
  • You have to select the subscribers, there you can check subscribers to your channel, you can rank them (newest or most popular).

Per Android:

  • You are about to open Youtube from the application, if it asks you to log in you can log in with your google account.
  • Then click on the silhouette of the person, which is located in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Click the inverted triangle, you will see this option on the right side of your name.
  • You have to click on The my channel , there you will see the list of your subscribers.

IOS e Mac

  • You are about to open youtube from the application.
  • Log in with your google account.
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Click on my channel, pressing this option opens your channel page where you can see the number of subscribers to your channel.

How to view subscribers to my YouTube channel - Who is subscribed to my channel

What to do to see recent subscribers on YouTube?

You can see your most recent subscriber list in the channel control panel, all you need to do is access youtube, go to the control panel and search for recent subscribers, then click see all so the tab and voila.

Is it possible to see which country my channel subscribers are from? - As?

Thanks to Youtube Analytics you can improve your channel a lot, take advantage of this tool, you can get more visits and subscribers. Through this platform you can know the behavior of your subscribers, you can know their age, their country of origin, their gender, all the vital information that will help you in the creation of the contents.

YouTube Studio app: how to see subscribers to my channel with this app?

You can see your subscriber list through this App, you need to log in to Youtube Studio, then in the panel you will find the membership card and click to see them. At the top, you can select a period and sort your list by number of subscribers.

Is it possible to see the subscribers of a channel that is not mine?

If of course it is possible to see subscribers from another channel that is not yours, this can be done very easily; You have to enter the YouTube platform from your phone or computer, once entered go to the search bar to find the channel you want to see, then enter your profile and just below your profile picture you can see the number of people subscribed to your channel

How to view subscribers to my YouTube channel - Who is subscribed to my channel

Data of interest:

  • It is important that you know that you can sort the list of members of the your channel. You can arrange them to see the most popular first or see the most recent subscribers.
  • To organize your subscribers, you do it from the «Subscribers» tab; There you should look for the drop-down menu that appears in the upper right corner and select the sorting method to sort your subscribers as you like (popular or newest).
  • In the list of subscribers you can see: the subscribers who make public le their inscriptions, you will also be shown the subscribers who subscribed to your channel in the last 28 days.
  • There may be subscribers who have recently suspended their account, so they won't appear on your subscriber list.
  • It may also happen that your YouTube channel has no subscribers yet, so it will tell you "There are no subscribers to show". If this is the case for you, you should rate the content you are uploading because it doesn't help you get viewers.

Why do i need to know who is subscribed to my channel?

  • The number of subscribers to your channel is important, since it will serve as a reference for other users. It will be like an indicator that shows new users to your channel that the content you offer is of quality and that every video you post is amazing.
  • When you review your channel's subscriber list, you can click each subscriber to visit their page or you can also subscribe to their channel.
  • Knowing who is subscribed to your channel helps you to know the consumption habits of your followers; This will help you create engaging videos that meet the expectations of your followers.
  • This will also help you create more popular videos that attract more followers, as you will post videos with content that is of interest to internet users.How to view subscribers to my YouTube channel - Who is subscribed to my channel

To help you get to know your subscribers, it is at your disposal YouTube Analytics, a tool that will help you get more visits and subscribers because it allows you to know what data your followers have in common, such as gender, country and age; information that helps you visualize which content is what will appeal to your users.

Additionally, this information will help you tailor your videos to the circumstances of your subscribers. For example, if you notice that your videos are followed by a lot of people from a certain country; You can insert a subtitle in their language or refer to something from their country. We also recommend that you find out what are the best days and times to upload your videos, in order to reach more users. This will help you connect more with your followers and get many to recommend your channel.

YouTube quickly replaced TV; So, if you are a Youtuber, make successful videos and post interesting content that feeds the soul and heart of every YouTube user; Be creative and talented to make your channel the most successful on this great platform.

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