Where does Samsung manufacture your mobile phones?

There is no doubt that Samsung is one of the most important phone companies of the moment, becoming a fabulous choice with every sale for those looking for smartphones with excellent value for money.

Where does Samsung manufacture your mobile phones?

But have you ever wondered where Samsung makes all these devices? One might think that in China, as practically all other companies do, but not. Contrary to what it may seem, Samsung has many factories in different countries around the world and against all odds, China is no longer among them.

These are the countries where Samsung manufactures its devices

Where does Samsung manufacture your mobile phones?

As we announced at the time just over a month ago, the Korean brand was closing its last Chinese factory. So where are your factories? Well, as the half SamMobile tells us, Samsung has factories in all of these countries.

  • Vietnam: is the country where the largest number of Samsung devices are produced (smartphones, tablets and laptops). It is estimated that up to 120 million units are produced annually.
  • India: India is not only the country with the largest Samsung factory, but also where most of the smartphones are produced. Interestingly, they are in second place in this market after Xiaomi.
  • South Korea: obviously the house of the brand could not not be included in the list. In this place, devices generally destined for the local market are produced.
  • Brazil: Samsung has been operating in this country since 1999, employing more than 6.000 people. Its goal? Providing smartphones to all of Latin America.
  • Indonesia: this is an increasingly interesting market for the company. With production inaugurated in 2015, it produces around 800.000 units per year. Enough to meet local demand.

Despite all these factories, Samsung has stated that all phones made by the company meet the same quality controls regardless of where they are manufactured. In other words, and in theory, a smartphone made in South Korea must be the same as one made in Brazil. Especially since the materials and components are the same.

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