Where to download copyright-free music for YouTube for free

However, not all of these tools are available for free to YouTuber, and therefore have to resort to searching for copyright-free music. As this implies the deletion of the video due to disputes between copyright and the use that can be made of it.

For this reason and in order not to run any kind of risk, the best thing in these cases is to use music or other instruments that are inside the Creative Commons license. This type of license guarantees the use of these resources for free and without any kind of problem or inconvenience when it comes to being published within the platform.

Where to download copyright-free music for YouTube for free

Download copyright-free music for YouTube for free

YouTube audio library

The YouTube audio library has several songs that you can use in your videos commercially, just take a look at the music list it contains.


dig.ccmixter is a community where registered creators have the Creative Commons license and a large number of songs are allowed to be used by other users for commercial purposes, just have a look at the license of the song.


SoundCloud is a fairly well-known platform. This is where great exponents of the rap and rock, but in addition, users can promote and share the materials they create as well as mixing music like a DJ, thus contributing to the community to support them and share their creations.

This platform also works as a social network, where you can follow your favorite artists and stay informed about their projects. There are diversity of songs to use both paid and free, you just have to read the licenses of each song or that the artist requires.


On this page we can find an infinite number of free music that we can also use for commercial purposes, only with the condition of providing the respective credits.


Here we will find countless free music under the creative commons license, some are under another license or under the copyright proportion for commercial purposes. Generally this page is based on specific sounds rather than full music, such as ambient sounds.

Pages to download copyright-free music for YouTube - Payment alternatives.


Jamendo is a very large community of artists, who work independently. Here you can find hundreds of tracks and instruments audio that you can download and use for your videos without any problem.

Free music archive

This is perhaps one of the most recognized in the Youtuber market, as all the creative elements that are uploaded to this platform are protected by the Creative Commons license, which you can purchase at an affordable cost. Or use these songs by giving the respective credits but without commercial purposes.

One of the most popular features of the site is a special player, where you can listen to the music long before you download it.


OnClassical is a slightly more different page than the one we have already shown you. This Italian-born record label distributes classical music and allows you to use their music for non-commercial purposes, however, if what you are looking for will have a commercial purpose, the same page will show you different prices.


Magnatune is initially known as a record label of American origin, specializing in the distribution of music on the Internet, so that all its content is available to many users around the world.

The content posted here can be listened to for free, but if you request it for commercial purposes, it has different prices.

Where to download copyright-free music for YouTube for free

What are the benefits of using free music?

  • If your project is just getting started and you don't have enough resources to create unique material, this is a good way to start and it is free.
  • The platforms of copyright-free content they are relatively easy to find, many of them have players so that you can try to download the music without any problem.
  • If you have some kind of in mind personal project, this is the easiest way to make it happen and see how you evolve with it.

What are the disadvantages of using free music?

  • Cannot be used for professional projects.
  • Even if it's free, you have to give credit to whoever made it. And therefore, mention the author of the track in your video description.
  • You have to inform yourself about licenses that each free download page has to understand what is the usage limit of each of them.

With this you will be ready to start uploading your project to the web, with the best free tools.

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