Youtube Shorts - Definition, function and video creation step by step

In recent years, when everything has been done thanks to the progress of the Internet, no applications have been left out they have all been updated to little by little. And the YouTube platform has not stopped making leaps and bounds, it has always offered new options and functions in its updates to its users.

We can say that YouTube is a social network among the most famous and used in recent generations to watch viral videos or to listen to music at any time. And also the chain of information that we can find on YouTube has made the television networks themselves not as surprising as those on YouTube.

Let's start by talking about how we can make the most of this social network and at the same time how we can take advantage of new functions such as the making a clip of a video on YouTube.

How to make the most of YouTube?

This is a social network that we can use from the browser we have on our computer to access even without e-mail, on our mobile device or from the application downloaded from the app store. Using it does not have many complications, indeed, if we use and register our account, we can take advantage of all the options it offers us.

After registering our account on YouTube, we can start by accessing the option » What videos to watch «, What are the videos recommended for us by our tastes. Likewise, you can find more music videos in the new "Music" tab at your fingertips.

On the other hand, if you're going to find a video of a music or any other topic that interests you, you can also do it. To do this, from the YouTube search engine, located at the top of the screen, enter the name of the song or who sings it and it will appear.

Youtube Shorts - Definition, function and video creation step by step

Once you have found all the available options for the name you entered, select the one you think is best for you. When you come across the video you have selected on the screen, you will have other options available for this video.

One of the options that appears is, share a video with another person, with whom by simply selecting it, a window will appear, in which you can choose another application to send the video. Also, you have the "Save" option, with which you can place the video in a favorite folder which you can create or place in "Watch Later".

Another feature that the YouTube platform has made available is YouTube Shorts, which hasn't been fully updated worldwide. This is because it was launched as a beta phase in India in September 2020, with which it is possible upload videos of 15 or 60 seconds into the application.

What are Youtube short films used for?

In recent years, the TikTok App has become very famous, to the point that even applications like Instagram have applied similar systems. Youtube Shorts is just that, Google's proposal in response to this new trend of short video platforms.

What are the requirements for creating a short film?

Certainly there are no specific requirements for making a Youtube Short Film, beyond the following criteria: that the video has a square or vertical orientation and lasts less than 60 seconds. Any video that meets these characteristics may appear in the short films section, even if it is not loaded by the option provided by YouTube.

In any case, keeping in mind some basic elements will help to make it the most captivating video and to appear on the Youtube Shorts platform.

Youtube Shorts - Definition, function and video creation step by step

Music and sound

As expected, Youtube Shorts has an option to add music, just click on the "add music" button and search for the song you want.


Currently Youtube Shorts has no options to add text, so you will have to do this with an external application or a video editor. You can even use applications like Instagram to make these kinds of changes and then upload the result to Youtube Shorts


Above and to the right is the speed button. At the moment you can choose between the speed 0.3X as minimum and 3X as maximum. Select the one that best suits your needs. Remember that the lower number represents the slowest speed and the higher number the fastest.


Top right find the timer button, this is very useful if you want to record the Short from a distance. Since it will allow you to place your phone and locate yourself later to take the photo

Procedure to upload a video to Youtube Short from the Youtube App

Although the Chocolate Update is not available, it is not available in some countries, if instructions have been provided on how to upload a short film. The procedure is simple, you just have to enter the YouTube application and select the "Create" option, then select "Create a short film" but a beta function.

After entering the section to start making the video, make the related settings using the options we talked about earlier. In other words, you do video production.

To register it, you just have to press and hold the option to record or capture, if you want to delete it you can select the "Undo" or "Redo" option to restore it. Follow the steps that are given to you to the end to be able to quickly complete the video upload process.

Once you have finished making your video, click on the check mark (✔) at the bottom right. Click Next e configure YouTube settings for publication, finally click on «upload» and the video will already be on the YouTube platform.

Youtube Shorts - Definition, function and video creation step by step

How to use clips with Youtube short films

Now, in this YouTube Shorts feature, the YouTube platform has implemented a new option called Clips, with which you can make cuts in any video. To make this option work, you just have to search for any video on YouTube and among the functions below you will see a small scissor icon.

Once selected, the application gives you the option to write a message which will be like a title added to the video. Then, you can make the cut in the video you want to send, once done, tap the option » Share clips »And in the new tab choose the application to send it.

In this simple way, you can send just a snippet of the video you want your friends to see without them having to watch the whole of it or pick a second.

How spectators can find me

Realizing that the entire Youtube Shorts process is still in beta, the section doesn't appear right at the start in most cases. Therefore, users must use the search engine and type "shorts". After doing this, the menu will appear, where you can see Youtube short films.

Appearing on this YouTube Shorts list is tricky. For this reason, it's better than you share the link directly of your short film with your users. Keep in mind that the more views you have, the more chances there are to appear on Youtube Shorts and grow even more within the platform.

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