How can I change the notification sound on my Android Mobile?

If you have just launched an Android mobile and have never used a phone with Google's operating system, you may still need to familiarize yourself with some of the many options and personalization settings that this platform includes.

One of these options is the ability to change the notification tone which is configured by default on every device and which sounds every time you receive an email, a WhatsApp message or any other type of alert. In this guide, we explain how to change the notification tone and where you can find good sounds which you can use as alert tones on your mobile.

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How can I change the notification sound on my Android Mobile?

Change the default alert tone on your mobile

The process of changing the default notification tone it is similar in most android devices on the market, regardless of the version of the operating system in use or the manufacturer itself. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the device settings app
  2. Go to the Ā«Sounds and vibrationsĀ» section. This section may also appear as "Sounds and Notifications" or similar
  3. Go to the section Ā«Notification toneĀ», Ā«Notification toneĀ» or similar
  4. Choose the sound you want to use

How can I change the notification sound on my Android Mobile?

That's all. Now, whenever you get a notification on your mobile, the new ringtone you selected will play instead of the original. Also, remember that you can use different tones for apps like WhatsApp in so that it is easier to identify the notifications you receive without even having to turn on the mobile screen.

Where to get good notification tones for your mobile

On more than one occasion we have selected packages consisting of tones that can be used as notification sounds on Android. A while back, we brought you an awesome pack of popular video game sounds ready to be used as notification tones. We also offered you the option to get more than 200 notification tones from Google's Pixel series phones that can be used in any other terminal.

However, there are some applications from which to download thousands of ringtones high quality, perfect for use as alert sounds on our android phones. One of the most popular is ZEDGE, a personalization app that has a huge repertoire of wallpapers, as well as call and notification sounds.

How can I change the notification sound on my Android Mobile?

There are also other popular alternatives such as Ā»Notification tonesĀ«, a free app that brings together thousands of original sounds to use as a notification tone on devices.

If you have a compatible phone, you can also download the official Google Sounds app, which is included by default on Pixel phones. This app has more than 200 tones, both for calls and notifications, organized into different categories to make it easier to find the most suitable tone.

Before concluding, we remind you that notification tone isn't the only sound you can set up on your android. If you wish, you can also change the ringtone and even easily create your own tones.

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