How to disable the "Try YouTube Premium" message.

How to disable the

Are you tired that every time you enter the YouTube application you get the Spam message «Try YouTube Premium»?Do you want to know how to remove it? In The Power Of The Green Android we will teach you how prevent this platform from bombarding you with this annoying quick and easy message.

What is YouTube Premium and what does it consist of?

It is basically a service formerly known as YouTube Red. This service offers us the viewing videos without ads and exclusive content for only € 11,99 / month.

Why is YouTube harassing me with this message?

The problem is that the platform continually reminds us of the "advantages" of this method "Premium" to the point of being considered SPAM, to allow us to test the service for free to see if it convinces us. The problem is that we will see the message «Youtube Premium Test» every time we open the application which is very annoying.

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How to deactivate the message «Test Youtube Premium» Easy and fast 2022

First I want to point out that this trick will not permanently block this annoying message, but if we will see it less frequently and it will also disappear from our notification panel, you want to know how block notification «Test Youtube Premium «?, then do the following:

How to avoid «Try Youtube Premium» message step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is enter our account from the application, once inside, we will enter our profile which yes located at the top right.

In the «Account» section, we will enter where it says "Configuration".

On the next screen we will go up "Notifications".

I want the «Test Youtube Premium» message to no longer appear in 2022

remove SPAM message from YouTube we need to deactivate the section that says «Product news» as indicated in the photo.

As we said at the beginning, disabling this tab will not completely eliminate these messages, but it will significantly reduce them.

And you are too tired of this annoying message?You can voice your thoughts below in the comments. Don't forget to share this tutorial if it was helpful to you.. Thank you so much!

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