How to easily extend hard drive partition volume in Windows 10

In other articles we have taught you how to create a partition which is very useful and we have provided you with a complete guide. This time we will extend those partitions and promise it will be a very quick and easy task to do. And with that you can add more memory space to yours hard disk.

As we told you before, don't despair or worry, because you are not familiar with computer science jobs. You just have to follow the steps, which we will give you below and being an expert you will be able to Easily extend hard drive partition volume in Windows 10.

How to easily extend hard drive partition volume in Windows 10

Windows 10 gives us a tool with which we can easily extend hard drive partition volume. But sometimes, it doesn't work as it should or doesn't allow us to do this. For this reason, we will show you another way to do it, which will definitely work for you and will be much easier and faster.

How to easily extend hard drive partition volume in Windows 10

We will do this through a program, which is totally free and that you can download via the following link. Once the link is placed on the page, you will look for the Free Download option.

And you will make a clip, after doing this it will take you to another window and in it you will go to the bottom of the page and make a clip again in Free Download. This action will take you to another page called AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition.

And you will find the Download Now option. In this option you need to make a clip. Now you will wait for the start of the download for free, this will take a few seconds as the file weighs 10 megabytes. You have to open it at the end of the download and it will show you the installation wizard, you have to click Next and accept the terms. In the download path you need to leave it as is and click Next.

Using the program to extend the hard disk partition

And finally, you need to create a clip in the option Install, when you do, the download will start and you just have to wait for it to finish. Now you need to run the program and it will show us its interface and you can see that you have many options and functions that you can apply to your hard drive.

Where you can make copies of different partitions or create a bootable CD, etc. but for our case we will use the first option called Extend Partitions. You can find it in the menu on the left side of the screen. When we find it, we make a clip.

This action will bring up a window with two options on the screen and we will choose the first one and then we will make a clip on the next. Let's wait a few seconds, then it will show us another window and we will go to the lower left part and select the Automatic method and then we'll do the next clip.

Now we will have a new window on our screen and here we can choose the space we want to extend from our partition. When finished, next crop and it will show us a preview of the processes that will be performed. And finally we clip on Proceed and then on Yes, now we just have to wait the completion of the action.

How to easily extend hard drive partition volume in Windows 10

In this way we have extended the partition of ours hard disk, without using the Windows 10 tool. And instead we made use of a program, which very quickly gave us the possibility to do this.

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