How to easily manage my graphical Git repository with Gitkraken

Linux it is considered one of the best open source operating systems in part due to the level of security available. This makes it nearly impossible to infect a system or fall victim to it di un identity theft or private information.

For example, this system has the advantage of having access to large secure databases to download and update programs safely. These repositories are very secure and have the approval of the companies that make them available to the user. You can also make a backup or backup in Ubuntu.

However, a problem that does not go unnoticed by many is that Linux does not have a visual section for downloading access to these repositories. But since Linux is open-source, many companies have developed software to solve this problem and help users.

And we will tell you today, we will teach you how to use one of the best my program Go to manage your currently existing repository called Gitkraken. In this way you will have an excellent ally who will help you in managing all the data your operating system needs.

What is Gitkraken?

How to easily manage my graphical Git repository with Gitkraken

Before we teach you how to use this program, let's take a moment to talk about it and the advantages it has over other similar programs. This way you will have a broader framework and better understand the information we will show you later.

First of all, what does the word Git mean? If you are not used to these topics, you may not know what this term means, so we will explain it briefly. Git is a application version control software focused on efficiency and reliability when programs have many source code files.

Its main purpose is to provide a record of the changes undergone by the different programs on your computer and allow you to manage them from its interface. There are different types of Git programs and one of the most used is the one we present to you today called Gitkraken.

This program promises to be the solution to all your problems with your repository, providing you with all the tools you need for its proper management. And we, as always, have brought you a great article in which we will show you how to use it.

This way you will not have any problems with the procedure that we will show you below so that you can use Gitkraken easily. Then download this amazing program for the Linux operating system on its official page so that you can follow our explanation on how to manage your repositories.

How to manage my Git repository in Gitkraken?

How to easily manage my graphical Git repository with Gitkraken

Once installed on your operating system, the way to use this program is very simple and with our guide you will learn quickly. Simply follow the steps we will show you below and you will be able to manage your repositories in no time.

Step 1

The first thing you should do to be able to manage your repositories is configure and to do that, go to the program settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the home interface.

There you will find a number of system options and the one you are interested in is the one called "Authentication" which is where you will authenticate your repositories.

Step 2

After entering this option you will find 3 sections where in the last 2 you can authenticate the most important Git repositories that Github works with. All you have to do is click on the button called “Connetti a Github” in the two corresponding sections.

3 pass

After authenticating the repositories you will be able to assimilate the options for add and manage repositories you have on your system. To do this, go to the file option which is located in the initial part of the program at the top left with a folder logo.

There will be all the repositories you have on your pc and you can also add new ones using Git or directly by entering the URL of the server where it is hosted.

For the rest, the program is very easy to use, has nothing difficult and will help you a lot in managing your repositories. It is also possible to optimize or clean up your Ubuntu system. We hope this article helped you learn a little more about this amazing program called Gitkraken.

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