How to flag a YouTube video for copyright or copyright

It is important that members of this community know how to manage their rights. In addition to how respect the rights of other people living on this platform.

Many users, called YouTuber, spend long hours creating fresh and engaging content. Without providing that its content can be reused without your consent.

Since recently uploading videos to YouTube has become a quick and easy way to do it money without having to leave the house and without a boss or a program, there is a marked increase in the amount of content that is uploaded daily which has generated that there is a constant search for new themes that stand out to the viewers.

It is thanks to competition and the desire to generate more and more revenue that some have chosen to take the easier and unethical way of copying the content that another YouTuber has developed with hard work and dedication. Below we will show you the steps to follow to protect your content give the plagues.

Use a computer to compile the module which we will indicate below, this will make the process more comfortable and simplify the work.

Steps to report a YouTube video

How to flag a YouTube video for copyright or copyright

Step 1

To find out who has stolen yours  video  to monetize them without your permission, locate the tool YouTube has devised for this.

Step 2

Once you have entered your details to access the tool, you will see all your videos that have been plagiarized, the title that has been placed on them, the total number of visits it has, the date it was uploaded. And also the channel that infringed on copyright, the percentage of matches, among other things.

3 pass

On the right side you will see a column called "actions" and for each video you will see that there is an exclamation point indicating the option to request deletion of the video, select the option and then at the top press the blue bar that says "request removal of the video".

4 pass

You will have access to the module   which will allow YouTube to review the copied video and take steps to take care of your content and copyright. Once you have entered your details in the form, go to the "Contracts and cancellation options" section, located towards the bottom of the page, once there we advise you to choose the option "Scheduled warning".

5 pass

In the final section of the form called "Legal agreements" accept the terms and conditions and enter your full name in the «Signature» box, to end the copyright or copyright claim of your video select the option «Send» that yes located at the top right of the screen.

Importance of reporting a YouTube video

How to flag a YouTube video for copyright or copyright

YouTube will take care of removing the videos you have reported for plagiarism in the next few days. Remember that by making this claim you will initiate legal proceedings, which can take several days. Therefore, we recommend that you be patient in waiting for the desired result.

Remember that the form it must be filled in and sent by the owner only or by the intellectual author of the content that was copied. Or, failing that, by an agent or representative authorized to speak on behalf of the owner.

You can also freely report copyright or copyright infringement via post, fax or e-mail.

However, if you don't get a response soon and see that the reported video hasn't been deleted, it's best to go straight to YouTube and fill in the form described above. If maybe you want to know how to optimize your channel you can read this article that talks about Chrome extensions.

We hope you already know how to flag a YouTube video for copyright or copyright.

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