How to know which pharmacies are open using Google and your mobile

Pharmacies are considered essential facilities during the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing, and for this reason they are one of the few businesses that can remain open these days. However, they are still subject to a schedule that may vary and that you should know before going to buy in order not to find the closed pharmacy.

How to know which pharmacies are open using Google and your mobile

In addition to having a real-time map where you can see the progress of the coronavirus, Google has another key tool right now: Google Maps, which helps you know whether or not an establishment and what its hours are. Next, we explain to you step by step how to know if a pharmacy is open or not using your smartphone.

How to know which pharmacies are open using Google and your mobile

We already know the high level of functionality of Google Maps, from telling you the best time to take a trip to recommending the best restaurants and bars based on your tastes. On this occasion, we focus on the information that the map service provides you on open pharmacies.

Google calculates a 76% reduction in user mobility in terms of supermarkets and pharmacies. However, the remaining 24% indicate that we still go out from time to time to go to those establishments. Before leaving home, you need to know if the shop you are going to visit is open.

In this article we focus on pharmacies to explain how, using Google and your mobile, you can know if the one you are going to visit is open or not. The process is as follows:

1 ° - At Google Maps.

2º- At the top of the screen you will find several options: Take away, Home delivery, Petrol stations ... Swipe those buttons to the left until you find Pharmacies, an option you need to click on.

3º- In this way, all the pharmacies in the area you are in will appear on the map. Tap on one of them to display a small window at the bottom with the main information for the selected pharmacy, including whether it is open or closed and the closing time.

4 ° - Click on the same white box to open a full screen with pharmacy information. If you click on the clock bar, it will come detailed program is displayed of the pharmacy and you will know when you should do the shopping.

How to know which pharmacies are open using Google and your mobile

It's so quick and easy to know if the pharmacy you want to go to is open or not and what the hours are. Google knows everything but the your Maps may have a defect compared to another with timetables which, as we said before, can easily change in these complicated days.

Therefore, if you know that there is an error in the information provided, you can report it to Google in so that it can be edited by clicking on the "Suggest an edit" option, which appears under the full pharmacy timetable. In this way you will help other users who want to shop in the same place by correcting incorrect data.

As you have seen if the pharmacies are open or do not use Google Maps, you can find the same information on the rest of the facilities that appear at the top of the app. By clicking on Supermarkets, for example, Maps will mark shops of this type on the map so that you know what they are and all the information about them.

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