How to make successful YouTube videos

How can I create a YouTube account?

You may not know how to start your YouTube experience for one reason or another. The steps to create a YouTube account are really simple. What you need to do is:

  • Go to the official YouTube page.
  • Select option » Log in «.
  • Once there, choose "More options" and then click «Create account».
  • Then, you have to fill in the information fields required by YouTube to create your channel.

And voila, it's so easy to create a YouTube account. Something you should keep in mind is that depending on which country you are in, the age at which you can create an account on YouTube varies.

For example, if you live in a Latin American country, you can create your account from the age of 13. Unlike Spain, a country where you can create your account from the age of 14.How to make successful YouTube videos


How to make successful YouTube videos?

In order for all videos to be uploaded to YouTube, it is vital that the content they create is of excellent quality and attractive to the audience. That's why we give you some tips with which you can become an expert in making videos on YouTube.

One thing you can consider is making an effort for give the audience what they want. Always try to convey emotions through your videos, the emotion that suits you best, also try to upload videos that make people want to see more and more, avoiding boring them.

Play with images, watermarks in your videos, colors and designs that grab your audience's attention. Also, look for your video to be active and for something important to happen on the video that interests people today.

How can I use YouTube tags effectively?


Tags or hashtags are a widely used tool in today's social networks. Something that can help you a lot when it comes to popularizing your YouTube channel is knowing what hashtags are and what they are for and how to use them correctly.

On YouTube, the use of hashtag makes your video better positioned among the competition, which makes you get more hits on your channel.How to make successful YouTube videos

One way to add hashtags to your YouTube video is to include them in the description. All you need to do is write the hashtags or keyword tags in your description and YouTube will automatically select them and place them above the video title.

Another way to use hashtags in your YouTube videos is to do it via the page's video editor option. Once there, we report all the videos to which we want to add a hashtag. Let's click "Actions" and select the «Description» option.

Once this is done, we can choose in which part of the description we want to add the hashtag, opening the tab next to «Description». Click "Submit" and you will already be able to include the hashtags in your YouTube video.

Something you need to remember that, in order to enter hashtags correctly, you need to write them with no spaces between words. Also, remember not to overdo the number of hashtags you use, as this can overload your video.

Always be careful not to use grotesque content or obscene words that may disturb the audience. We have no doubt that if you follow these steps, you will have a very successful YouTube channel and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that this useful platform offers.

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