How to read QR codes in bars and restaurants

Access to menus in places such as bars, restaurants and shops has changed to be easier and faster thanks to a new protagonist: the QR code.

If you still don't know this new character, in this guide we will explain to you what is a QR code, what exactly is e how you can read it easily with your mobile.

It seems that the importance of this type of barcode will only grow in the future, so it is recommended learn to master it now to have no problems when this is the barrier that separates you from the information you want to access.

What is a QR code and what is it for?

The QR code comes from the term "Quick Response Code", » Quick response code « in Spanish. It is a form that stores information that the user can access using the appropriate software and hardware.

Today a cell phone is enough to read this evolution of the barcode and take you directly to the information stored in it.

The most common is that the stored data is links to web pages and applications for download, although we also know other uses of QR codes, such as sharing your WhatsApp profile so that other users can add you to their contacts.

There are also other QR code applications, such as WiFi password sharing or the storing your medical data on an SOS bracelet, an accessory that can be extremely relevant in the event of an accident.

How to read QR codes in bars and restaurants

The new menus of bars and restaurants are accessible via QR codes.

These QR codes, the origin of which dates back decades, stand dramatically increasing in popularity.

More and more facilities are encouraged to use them to share information with their customers, such as bars and restaurants with menus of dishes.

Upon arrival, customers must take out their mobile phones to scan the QR code and thus be able to do so see all the products that the bar or restaurant proposes.

If you have already found these black squares in a restaurant and you did not know what to do with them, be careful, because we will explain below how to read QR codes in bars and restaurants.

How to scan a QR code

The speed and simplicity of accessing the information provided by these QR codes have resulted in more and more establishments being created personalized codes to communicate information to its customers.

If you went out for a drink in a bar or restaurant, you might have seen how there is a black square in the center or corner of the table with more squares inside.

This code usually stores a link to the menu of local dishes, so you need to read it to be able to analyze the menu and choose what to order.

For this you will need your mobile phone and its camera. There are some apps for predefined cameras that include a QR code reader. If that's not your case, you'll need to download free apps to read QR codes.

Once you have your camera or application ready, you need to follow along these steps to scan a QR code:

  1. Open the camera or the app QR code reader, which will activate the phone's camera.
  2. Focus the camera on the QR code inside the square that appears on the screen. Simply by focusing it, the QR code will direct you to the link it stores and you will be able to see the menu of the bar or restaurant.

How to read QR codes in bars and restaurants

You just have to focus the QR code with the mobile phone camera to see the menu of bars and restaurants.

As you can see, scanning QR codes with your mobile is a quick and easy process, which is why many bars and restaurants are betting on this option for their menu of dishes.

With the correct application or even just with the mobile phone camera - depending on the manufacturer - you can read these QR codes that they promise to be even more important in the future.

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