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A youtuber must know how to make his videos. There are hundreds of details to learn, such as putting an end screen of your YouTube videos as a goodbye, or things about how to edit or trim an already uploaded YouTube video and how to delete a video from your YouTube channel, just in case. an error or a problem.

What if you want to delete a song from a video you've uploaded to your channel YouTube, but you don't know how? Then this article is for you; because today we will show you how to remove or delete a song from a video YouTube.

Reasons you might want to remove a song from a YouTube video

Maybe after a while you need to delete the song or audio you uploaded in a YouTube video, what are the possible reasons?

  • Mistakes while loading the song or audio into the video, because it may have played incompletely, with some audio or audio errors, or it just didn't load correctly.
  • copyright, why i Rights by author some authors may be protected and YouTube has made a claim; therefore we could violate the copyright license; When you realize this, you must immediately delete or modify the song or audio of your video, thus avoiding all the penalties and problems that this could generate.

How to remove or delete a song in a YouTube video | Youtube Studio

Steps to remove a song from a YouTube video

Most likely, you already have your own YouTube channel; Starting from there, we'll show you in just a few steps what you should do from your computer or mobile phone, to be able to delete a song or audio from any of the videos you uploaded from YouTube:

  • First, you need to log into your YouTube account (with or without Google Mail), by entering username and password to access it.
  • Once you are on your YouTube channel, click on the top right, in your account administration, or where your channel logo appears, there it will be displayed a menu.

How to remove or delete a song in a YouTube video | Youtube Studio

  • When you enter, click on the blue button that says YouTubeStudio.
  • Now go to the Video Management tab, there you can see a list of all the videos you have uploaded.
  • Select the video you want to delete the song or audio from.
  • Then, locate the song or the claim audio and click Select Action.
  • Once there, press where the Mute Song option appears.
  • In this option you can: 1) mute all audio while playing the video or 2) mute only the song (Beta), especially the one that has been claimed by copyright.
  • Once in that space, you can view the preview of the video before processing the change.
  • Finally, hit Continue and Deactivate and that's it.

What if you want to change the audio or song of your video?

  • Follow all the steps above and when you get to the step where the video from you want to delete the song, locate the audio option in the lower left part, whose symbol appears as a musical note.
  • On the right side of the video is a section called Main Topics; clicking there it will come a menu is displayed e you can choose the genre; or in the search bar you can write the desired genre.
  • Click show only songs of similar duration to this video and a list will be displayed based on the desired time; choose the option you want.
  • Then you will see a preview, if you want you can make other changes.
  • Finally, do click su Save.

See how easy it is to learn a remove a song from a YouTube video? And best of all, you won't need any programs to do it; avoid inconveniences and learn with our guide to act promptly.

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