How to remove restricted mode from youtube android

How to remove restricted mode from youtube android

It is already undeniable that YouTube today is there entertainment platform chosen by many to keep informed of what is happening in the world. People like me they no longer watch television only YouTube, this is used by many for create content related to a specific topic. The truth is that this platform until last year was "Everything is alright", so sometimes we get the weird unfortunate video. Fortunately, YouTube is everything and apart from the measures implemented with ads, ha also Enabled an inappropriate video filter. Today we will go and seehow to disable youtube restricted mode on android and of course how activate it.

What is YouTube Restricted Mode?

YouTube in April 2017 has started combat inappropriate videos by limiting its ad system. This way, publishers would be deprived of the will to continue making videos that do not fit YouTube policies. However, this didn't stop many of the content creators, so this platform has pulled the limited mode filter.

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What is needed?

Well, basically what it does is filter unfortunate videos. This is one YouTube parental control mode this way we can filter content based on all audience segments. We must bear in mind that it is the same company that warns us when it is turn on youtube restricted mode we shouldn't agree to that will filter out inappropriate videos, though most of them.

It is possible that your account YouTube have this filter activated by default, so we'll see how to disable youtube restricted mode on android.

Remove Youtube Restricted Mode Android 2022

Don't say that «youtube restricted mode is not removed», that's why we're here to tell you which section of the configuration you need to turn it off. To do this, you just have to follow these steps.

Log into your YouTube account

The first thing we need to do for unblock youtube restricted mode is to log in to your account. To do this we enter the application and look at the top right and click on our profile.


Now we will see a menu with different options for turn off YouTube parental controls. We enter the "settings".

Once inside we will see a menu with many options, let's enter "general" and discard all the others.

How to remove youtube restricted mode

deactivate it we need to make sure the box is unchecked as pictured.

How to activate YouTube parental controls 2022

If, on the other hand, you want to have the active filter in case your children want to take your cell phone, Only activating it again you will have the active again parental control.

How to set up parental controls on YouTube 2022

If this topic was not very clear to you and you want control the visual content of your children, there is another variant to put a parental control thanks to one YouTube version call YouTube KIDS.

Download YouTube Kids in Spanish

You can download for FREE this version of YouTube KIDS directly from Google Play with parental control included.

Google Play | YouTube kids

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