How to remove the Gmail service from your Google account

Gmail is one of the most important and most used email clients in the world, not for nothing is it free and it works really well. What more could you want?

Virtually all of us here have a Gmail address, basically because it is essential to have a Google account and therefore to be able to use such important services as YouTube, Google Maps or simply start an Android device.

Ma is it possible to separate gmail from google? Imagine having a multitude of applications purchased in the Play Store or music purchased in YouTube Music and what we want is to delete our Gmail account but not lose the Google one. Perhaps many of you believe that this is not possible and it is that Gmail has always been something inherent to the great G.

Well, you're wrong because even though many of you don't know, we can delete Gmail and continue to keep our Google account. How is it possible?

Steps to delete Gmail from your Google account from an Android mobile

How to remove the Gmail service from your Google account

Say goodbye to Gmail forever? It is possible and without losing our Google account

You could not wanting to keep your Gmail address, either because you don't use that account or for any other reason, but at the same time you don't want to lose your Google account.

Well, deleting your Gmail address without changing anything else is really simple. As we say, we will only delete our Gmail address, not our Google account.

As Google himself explains, the steps are really simple:

  1. On our Android smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is go up Settings and then on Google -> Google Account
  2. Click on Data and personalization
  3. In the "Download your data, delete it or create a plan", you have to click on Delete a service or your account.
  4. Next to "Gmail", press Delete
  5. Follow the simple steps that will appear on the screen

What happens when i delete Gmail?

How to remove the Gmail service from your Google account

IF you don't use Gmail, why not delete it?

And you may wonder, what happens when you delete gmail? Do I lose all my information? Am I no longer able to access all the content purchased with my Google account? Can I no longer use my Android smartphone? Well, don't worry, none of this happens.

When you follow the steps above and then delete our Gmail service, the following will happen:

  • All our emails will be deleted as well as the email settings
  • We will no longer be able to use Gmail for send or receive emails
  • Nobody will be able to use the same Gmail address in the future

And especially, only the Gmail service will be deleted and not our Google account. In other words, we will continue to have access to our business and all the purchases we have made on Google Play.

Honestly, they come to mind few reasons for wanting to permanently delete our Gmail account, but it is never again necessary to know that it is indeed possible without it implying the deletion of other data that we have associated with our Google Account.

If you regret it once you delete the Gmail service, you should know that there is a solution until it's been a long time. If not, it will be quite difficult to recover all the emails.

We will only have to access the official Gmail page, try to log in with our email address and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Easier than getting candy from a child.

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