How to send and receive private messages on YouTube

But there is still an option available to communicate with your favorite channels or, if you have one, to communicate with your subscribers. Likewise, YouTube currently allows you to be aware of your channel's stats and subscribers, as well as your subscribers. But today we will explain how to send and receive private messages on YouTube very simply.

How to send and receive private messages on YouTube quickly and easily

Stay in touch with your subscribers more import anti if you have a YouTube channel. If you are a subscriber to the channels of that platform, it is also important that you can keep in touch with them to make your opinion known and to make yourself heard. Also, it's important that you know how to correctly reply to your followers' comments.

To carry out this type of channel-subscriber communications or vice versa, you need to know how to send and receive private messages on YouTube, so first find out how send these messages:

How to send messages

To start messaging your favorite channels right away, you should know that the only option currently available to send private messages on YouTube is by email. To access this function you need to access YouTube from your PC, and in the search bar write the name of the channel you want to write a message to and click.How to send and receive private messages on YouTube

Once you have located the channel, click on it and the main channel window will appear, where there are sections with names like «Home», «Videos», «Playlist», among others.

Among these options you should look for the one titled "Further information". Click on this and a window will appear where you will find the description of the channel and the part you are interested in, which is titled «Details».

In this, a statement that says "For commercial inquiries" is displayed followed by a button labeled partially "Check email". Click there and the «I'm not a robot» button should appear, where you need to click on the box and a pop-up window will appear with simple tests to determine that you are not really a robot.

Complete the tests, once the test is finished, click on «Verify» ⇾ «Send» and then you will see the email of the channel where you can send messages.

Note that if the channel creator doesn't have an added email address, you won't be able to send messages. That's why it's important that if you have YouTube channels, you add an email so your subscribers can contact you. You can also successfully delete a YouTube channel from your PC.

How to receive messages

Adding an email to your channel to allow your subscribers to write to you privately is easy. The first thing you need to do is log into YouTube, click on your profile picture and go to the section "My channel". Then you need to click on the "Customize Channel" option and then select the "Information" tab.

In the "Details" there will be a box where you can enter an email address of your choice and that's it! You will have access to send and receive private messages on YouTube.How to send and receive private messages on YouTube


Why it's important to send and receive private messages on YouTube

Although we have already mentioned them several times in the previous parts of the article, this aspect is worth pointing out. Sending and receiving private messages on YouTube allows you to establish a solid and indestructible relationship subscriber-channel.

In addition, in the case of subscribers it is possible to express opinions, discontent and others in a respectful and private way through an email. This will allow you to have more acceptance from users, and in this way your visits will increase, you can also monitor them.

Also, if you have a YouTube channel, it will be very easy for you to learn about your subscribers' needs, concerns, and annoyances. Also, this has a commercial interest, as the main purpose of posting an email is for commercial inquiries.

The benefits and importance of sending and receiving private messages on YouTube are many, but all of them will show you that if you haven't tried or even activated this feature, you should go and do it right away.

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