I can't access my badoo account

I can't access my badoo account

One situation that happens to a large portion of people on Badoo is their own not being able to access or enter your user account on this social network, causing some initial surprise to then move on to states of confusion and natural discomfort resulting from this "small" great discomfort of accessing Badoo.

Well, there is a huge and wide range of factors that can influence this issue and hence, some users are unable to access Badoo like they regularly do. Fortunately, many of these factors or Badoo login problems they have an explanation and are mostly caused by some unforced error or confusion and only a few are of a technical or other nature.

This article certainly aims to address this topic in more depth, quoting and solving from the most basic Badoo login problems to the more complex and convoluted ones that deserve a good explanation to solve. We hope they will be useful and practical to your inconvenience.

Enter the front page of Badoo | problem no. 1

A first situation that can cause some difficulties for some people who are taking their first steps in the world of the Internet and in Badoo, is that of accessing this website and not getting lost in the attempt or entering other websites.

If you signed up for Badoo from your computer or desktop and will continue to use this means of login, you have 3 ways to log into Badoo successfully.

  • Use of the search engine: here, you will have to write in the search box of the search engine you use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or others.) the name that identifies this social network and that is simply » badoo » then, click on “ Submit » on the keyboard and from the results displayed, you will have to click again on the result that identifies this social network, which is usually the first result and its address is https://www.badoo.com/ esy You will arrive at the first page of the official Badoo website.

  • Use of URL: another way or path is to write in the address bar of the web browser you use (Google Chorme, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or others.) the URL of this social network and that is « www.badoo.com» Then, they click the button » Submit » and the Badoo cover will load.
  • Use messages that come to you from Badoo to mail: another method or option for accessing Badoo that I explained to you in an article on how to access Badoo without knowing the password is through the messages sent to you from Badoo to your registered email address.

In general, Badoo issues some messages that arrive to your registration email indicating some interesting activity that happened, such as: visits to your profile, messages that have been sent to you or that have been added to your favorites, among others and always, Attach a link button to access Badoo directly from your email. Then, you will need to enter your e-mail box.

So opening one of these Badoo posts and clicking the button will take you straight to Badoo without using your browser and without having to type in a password, much faster.

Access Badoo from your mobile

If, on the other hand, you used Badoo from your computer and do you want to migrate or use this Badoo service on your mobile, you must download the free app depending on the mobile device you have (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and for this, you just need to access the Badoo cover and with a click, follow the respective link to the mobile service you have, download it and finally run it to be able to access Badoo from your mobile.

What information is required to enter | problem no. 2

Another initial problem or confusion that some people have is not knowing what information they need to access their Badoo account, undoubtedly generating the difficulty of not being able to access Badoo.

Yes, you use Badoo from your desktop computer. You will need 2 pieces of information to be able to access your Badoo account and they are as follows:

  • Email: When you signed up for Badoo, you associated an email with your account. It's just that email you need to be able to log into Badoo and not others.
  • Password: in the Badoo registration form you had to create and enter a password or key for your Badoo account and it is precisely that password you need to access your profile and account and not another password from another mail or social service network.

Nota 1 | In case you don't have a Badoo account, you can review this article which explains step by step how to register on Badoo from a desktop computer.

Where to write email and password | problem #3

Another factor that can complicate people who are unaware of the functioning and architecture of this social network is where you have to write your email and password to finally be able to access Badoo.

So, if you have successfully reached the Badoo homepage, you should then click on the button that says » Submit » and located at the top right.

With the previous click a new page will appear where they tell you to write the email associated with your Badoo account and your password in the respective boxes and finally click on the green button which says » Enter » and then you will log into your Badoo account.

Email | problem no. 4

Now, moving on to the problems with a little more difficulty and which are due to basic and mail-related errors, they can be the following:

  • Wrong email: due to rush, keyboard configuration or other reason there may be difficulties in logging into Badoo due to typo of the email and it is necessary here, just write correctly the email address associated with the Badoo account .
  • Email incomplete script: sometimes, due to some oversight, the email address is not written completely and therefore this problem is generated. It is necessary to write the complete email address with the respective " @ » and the email service which is your email:example@hotmail.com.
  • Write another email: In some cases, the difficulty is due to the simple confusion of writing another mail service that you have without paying much attention and therefore is not accessible. That is why it must be clear that the email that is entered is the one associated with this social network and not, write another email.
  • Email change: in other cases the problem is that at some point the email associated with your Badoo account was changed to another one and you stubbornly write the old email address, forgetting or not notifying the change that has been made. Here it is enough to create and then correct by writing the email associated with the account of this social network.

Password | problema #5

Another order of inconveniences that may concern people who want to enter Badoo in a greater proportion are precisely those that happen with the password and which are:

  • Wrong password: one of the problems that most often occurs when you are unable to access Badoo is obviously incorrectly writing the password of your personal account. That is why the characters must be written correctly, differentiating (if any) uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as letters, numbers and symbols, each in its precise position.
  • Password incompleta – Another point to note is that some people may incompletely type their password unintentionally or for another reason. In this case it is only necessary to clarify what the password is and write it completely without leaving anything out and correctly.
  • Typing another password: out of distraction or simple confusion, some people enter a password for another online service they have (email, Facebook, etc.) crashing over and over again, with the problem not noticing this little confusion. Until this is clarified and rectified, it will not be accessible.
  • Forgot Password: another problem that occurs frequently is forgetting or not remembering well, what is the password you have in your Badoo account and here are 2 possible ways to wait, a little until you remember or, if finally you do not I remember you can recover the account and that, I explain below.
  • Password change: another factor that can hinder access to Badoo is, on some previous occasion, having changed the password, i.e. changing it to another and really, they do not remember or do not know it, they realize it and cannot enter in Badoo. So until you notice and fix it, you won't be able to log in.

Solution to all password problems | option 1

For the most part, Badoo login problems are due to one of the above password related causes and if these cannot be resolved there is one way to fix it and that is necessarily changing the password of the Badoo account that is, therefore:

As usual, they will enter the first page of the Badoo social network, then click on the » Log in «.

The page where you enter your email and password will appear. Here they will be able to see a gray text that says Did you forget your password? and you should just click on it.

A central window will appear where they tell you that you must enter your email address associated with your Badoo account in the first box and then, in the box below, correctly enter the characters that are displayed and finally, you will have to click on the button that says: Get new password

Well, with the above action done, a message will be sent to your email with instructions to recover your Badoo account. So, you have to log into your email account and open that Badoo message and click on the button that states » create a new password » to recover your account.

With that click, a Badoo page will open where they ask you to create and enter a new password for your Badoo account and then a click will be made where they tell you to confirm the password change. With this, you will be able to access Badoo whenever you want by typing in your email address and this new password created for your account.

Nota 2 | Sometimes messages sent from Badoo to your email may not appear in your inbox and end up in your spam or junk folder. That's why you should check that folder in case you don't find that Badoo message in your inbox.

I can't access my Badoo account | Other issues

Lastly, there are other types of Badoo login issues that need to be mentioned or clarified and they are:

  • Account hacked: In some cases, the login problem is due to a hack. That is, someone could find out the data necessary to access your account and therefore, after logging in, changed or changed the password and/or even the email and therefore you cannot access Badoo.

In this kind of situation, which is difficult to confirm, some things should be seen or analyzed in parallel, such as: if your computer is infected with a virus, if you opened your Badoo account from another place or from another computer or maybe someone has accessed your email associated with your Badoo account and try to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if you have evidence that this has happened, you can contact Badoo's support team and explain the situation that concerns you so that we can find a solution that is satisfactory for you.

  • Account cancelled: another situation that can cause this access problem is that you have deleted your Badoo account and absolutely, do not remember it and think that it is not so.

It should be noted that when a Badoo account is deleted there is a 30 day grace or guarantee period for you to recover that account and it is done by entering your respective email and password and in case that time expires it is impossible to recover that account.

On the other hand, and in some cases, the problem is because badoo deleted your account because hai broke some community rules and the times this always happens, a message is sent to email explaining the situation, closing that account from Badoo and blocking the ability to log into that account or create a new account with the same email address or IP.

Finally, these are some of the aspects or factors why some users can't access Badoo normally and most of them have a solution and in the situation that your problem is not none of the above I advise you to contact support by Badoo and explain it clearly to get a solution to your case

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