What is YouTube Red? | How does YouTube Network work?

Whether the case is that they saw him but didn't pay attention to him, or if they know him but weren't interested in him at the time, it doesn't really matter. Not even the fact of unsubscribing or canceling YouTube Red's free trial for not understanding it or knowing how to use it.

For all situations, or related, we bring this post clarifier. To know what it is YouTube Red and how does it work.

What is YouTube Red?

Well, this is none other than the subscription service that the YouTube platform has and presents. But it's possible it can't currently be located by that name, and the reason is because, although it was originally called YouTube Red, that's no longer the case.

After 2018, the website specializing in videos decided to apply a makeover to the subscription service in question. Therefore, it went from being known as YouTube Red to being YouTube Premium. Although the face change did not affect the perks it included.

These range from being able to enjoy exclusive content, to having features that a normal account might not have and a few other things. In fact, it has been the subject of debate as to what is better to listen to music, Spotify or YouTube Red.

Even so, there are many skeptics who believe that it is not necessary to pay to get these benefits, when the platform is free in most of its elements.

How YouTube Red works

For those who can't decide whether or not it's worth it, here we list you as YouTube Premium it works, now, and its specific advantages.


What is YouTube Red? | How does YouTube Network work?

Among the benefits of subscribing to this service are some that promise to scale quickly.

Original YouTube content

One of the main features is the ability to have access to the original contents of the platform and its library.

This isn't very extensive today, but it should progress or be completed at a safe pace over time.

Among the available productions, there are content from great YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, Poppy and the Paul brothers. As well as acclaimed and popular series, like Cabra Kai, and even a sequel made for The Karate Kid.

Goodbye to ads

This, without a doubt, has always been the best part of YouTube Red and now with YouTube Premium it remains as it is. Removing ads from YouTube videos is heaven right now, after the platform has started working with them constantly.

Being able to enjoy audiovisual content on this platform without having to see it interrupted by anyone advertising or publicity it is a blessing.

Another advantage  is that it is applied both in the browser and in the mobile application of the same, as long as it is the same account.

And it extends, in turn, to the application of the same company called Youtube music. So that the experience of those who have the Premium package is unmatched.

YouTube Music Premium e Google Play Musica

Abbonandoti to YouTube Premium, you will have access to both YouTube Play Music and a Google Play Music (GPM) all in one!


What is YouTube Red? | How does YouTube Network work?

The latter is reminiscent of Apple Music and Spotify, having one song library with over 30 million songs.

It also includes how, when the content is not available in the GPM, an automatic search will be done on YouTube.

YouTube Music Premium, invece, allows offline playback of the contents, and as already mentioned, without advertising.

On the mobile phone it can be played in the background

This allows that, blocking smartphone, or by opening a different application, the video in question does not pause or cancel playback.

Rather, keep rolling in the background. A very handy feature when listening to a podcast, particular song, or other similar service.

Without connection

Although this feature has already been mentioned with respect to YouTube Music, is available for the entire platform and its specialized services.

So now you can see that video that we love so much even when we don't have one Internet connection or is it very slow.

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