10 WhatsApp sticker applications

10 WhatsApp sticker applications

Instant messaging applications and software have contributed significantly to the approach to communication between individuals around the world, who use it to contact each other, obtain information, socialize and create emotional bonds, using only Internet channels. Perhaps the most remembered is Windows Live Messenger, one of the first of its kind, and which marked a milestone in popular culture and the development of the Internet for those times, coming to be considered the first virtual space for these purposes, since, with its creative «emoticons» and funny «winks» it attracted millions of active users every day and that stickers did not exist yet.

It should be remembered that several months ago, the giant of instant messaging, WhatsApp Messenger, added an update to its application in which it allowed the highly anticipated Stickers to be used within its chats, small images used to express an emotion or a feeling in a dynamic, fun and expressing way through the comic area. Yes, this feature has been included without much success in other messengers like Line; With the arrival of WhatsApp in the ranks, many are those who use it to give different meanings to conversations, and the green balloon network even allows you to add personalized "stickers". However, this possibility depends on an external App, so we show you 10 sticker applications.


10. Personal stickers for WhatsApp

One of the most requested features by most users is the implementation of tools that allow us to add personalized stickers to be able to create our own stickers and feel more identified with them, a function that the Personal Sticker app for WhatsApp allows you in its entirety.. Weighing only 2,0 Mb, you will be able to create impressive stickers and start sending them to your family and friends to make your conversations more dynamic and fun.

Among the noteworthy features of this application, we find that it allows you to create thematic folders or "packs", so you can create the best stickers based on your favorite photos, and then export them to the application in seconds. You don't need anything but the images you want to use and make the changes you need. However, it's important to clarify that these packs are limited to 30 stickers, so if you reach the limit, you'll need to create another additional pack!

On the other hand, each sticker is exported to an external folder using the PNG format, which will allow you to remove or suppress the background of the image. In other words, to have the illusion of a sticker, the photo needs to be cropped first and then saved in the above format to avoid your sticker appearing square or as a simple image, although for now this App does Does not allow background clipping.

Also, if you are one of those who like to share your masterpieces with your friends, through the share button you can send as many stickers as you want, whether it's your funny photo pack, or your folder with stickers of famous internet memes. There are no limits to create, edit and share, let yourself be carried away by the fun of the process and start having fun with personal stickers for WhatsApp.          

Download it on Google Play |

9. New stickers for WAStickersApps

If you are one of those who like to have your own bank of stickers, this application is ideal to fulfill your greatest desires. New Stickers for WAStickersApps lets you download thousands of stickers for your chats, as it offers a varied portfolio of different themes, so you can share the funniest ones without limits, making your friends look impressed. You don't need to create anything, much less download it from dubious Internet sites, because this application shows you a varied catalog, from which you can choose the ones you like and which are more convenient.

Among the sticker themes you can find in New Stickers for WAStickersApps are anime style, emoji, memes, Christmas, funny, cats, dogs, science, Valentine's Day, cars, various animals and many more to choose from. Get ready to send the funniest memes in sticker format and share those funny stickers about kittens fighting and all from the same application.

Meanwhile, New Stickers for WAStickersApps is a server hosted on the Internet, where sticker packs from various creators around the world are shared and shown every day, so you don't have to search for them yourself or be exposed to fake applications that offer various stickers but basically they are malware and viruses that are harmful to your device. Don't expose yourself and don't leave your privacy at risk, because if you want stickers, better download this App.

It should be noted that if you want to keep all the downloaded stickers in this application, you need to keep it installed on your device permanently. The reason is that WhatsApp is in constant contact with the servers of the new WAStickersApps Stickers to extract them from there, since they are hosted in the folders determined by this application. However, don't worry about the weight, because in addition to being a secure App, it weighs only 8,6Mb.

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8. Create fun stickers: stickotext

The best way to create your own customizable stickers is through this application. StickoText is an app that will let you design fun stickers based on your favorite images and photographs so you can amuse your friends with them. Create funny memes with your friend's picture dancing, or add some face effects to your mocking picture to give it a jovial and funny sense, all this using only SickText.

Among the notable advantages of Create funny stickers: stickotext we find that you can create funny stickers in PNG format, without background! The same application offers you the possibility, through its dynamic tools, to modify your images to erase the background or eliminate some detail that you don't want to show. Forget having to download multiple apps to get work done separately, because with this app, everything is at your fingertips.

Use images from your gallery, take a funny photo in real time or download funny internet memes to start editing them according to your tastes and preferences. You can add emojis of all themes, create unlimited text to make stickers with more dynamic elements, or even cut your own image and create a whole sticker worthy of sharing with other users.

And, as if that weren't enough, you can create various super personalized sticker packs, and share them with everyone through the WAStickersApps application, the sticker bank we mentioned earlier. Yes, your funny stickers can be used by various users all over the world, so take this opportunity to show everyone your skills in creating these funny images and share them now.

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7. Sticker maker

Weighing just 10 Mb, Sticker Maker becomes one of the most competitive options on the market for creating stickers. With this app you will be able to make the best decals thanks to the different integrated tools so that you can let your creativity fly and start showing your talent in this area to the world. What? we all have the right to be a professional at making stickers! And now you can do it using just your smartphone, one finger and this application.

With a rating of 4,0 stars on a scale of 5, Sticker Maker is usually one of the best choices for users, mainly because it lets you crop your photos to make them look as dynamic and beautiful as possible. Don't worry about making square stickers or stickers with annoying backgrounds, because with this app you can cut out those sections you don't like and start sending professional stickers to everyone.

To crop your stickers, just slide your finger around the outline of the object that is in the image and Sticker Maker will do the rest for you. This tool is very accurate, so if you got it a little wrong, you can correct it later or start over if you're a perfectionist. In addition, all these features allow you to customize your decal to the fullest.

Don't let anyone tell you and start creating your own stickers about dogs, cats, rabbits, memes, even about you! Leave the sadness behind and send him funny stickers on your funny mirror faces so that he becomes a meme. Maybe one of your friends will make you famous among his contacts and then you will be recognized as the guy with the WhatsApp sticker… well, fantasizing a little isn't bad, and neither will your drawings, we assure you.

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6. Emoji

Even if we see them every day in the "miniature" or traditional version of WhatsApp, emojis can also be stickers and look bigger thanks to Emojiwa, an application that will allow you to access a varied folder of stickers on the famous yellow characters to give them more meaning and emotion to your conversation. You don't need to search for images on the internet to send them enlarged, because thanks to this App you just have to download the packages and start sending them to all your contacts.

It should be noted that in Emojiwa you will be able to choose emojis from customizable folders for you, so that you can export them to the green speech bubble application later. By default, you will find several packs with different emojis according to their theme, and you have the option to download, organize, distribute and organize them according to your preferences. If you find an emoji you don't like, simply remove it from the game and keep the ones you like.

Also, if you feel like you're missing out among so many funny faces, you can search them by name or mood, as the app has a built-in smart search engine to quickly get your emoji stickers. If you find yourself looking for one about a love face, enter the word into the search engine and you'll find several options for that style of emoji. Don't stay with the most common of WhatsApp and download the application.

Emojis are a particular way of expressing feelings and emotions, although unfortunately in Whats' we only have a particular style. But do not worry! With Emojiwa you will be able to download thousands of packs of stickers with yellow fonts, of different styles and innovative features. You can also find new propositions to expand your portfolio. Go on an adventure and send the best stickers.

Download it on Google Play |

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5. Anime stickers for WhatsApp

Anime lovers, this app is for you. Anime Stickers for WhastApp is a bank of stickers that will allow you to easily download and use them in your messaging app, to give your conversations a more fun meaning. We all like Japanese animations! Mainly because his characters tend to constantly make funny faces and grimaces, and what better way to honor – and exploit – this characteristic than with a sticker.

Among the available and popular stickers that Anime Stickers for WhastApp offers us, we can find the popular and acclaimed Dragon Ball, if you are one of those who like the famous Japanese cartoon. Send the best stickers of Goku and his friends and challenge your contacts as they find the Dragon Balls (they never will unless you send them stickers about them). There are also stickers on other anime like Naturo, Punch Man, One Piece and many more.

Request more about your favorite anime! It's possible? Sure, because this application is created based on the critical requests of its users. If you want a Sailor Moon sticker pack, or need your Tokyo Mew Mew sticker folder now, you don't have to do much paperwork, just leave them a request comment within the app or directly in the store, and probably they will consider your request.

It should be noted that Anime Stickers for WhastApp is linked to the popular WAStickersApps bank so that everyone can access the stickers from there as well. The advantage of this is that you will have more options to find and share your favorite anime stickers in the different apps and platforms available, waiting for your download every moment, so don't think too much about it.

Download it on Google Play |

4. Stickers for WhatsApp

Share thousands of stickers thanks to this application. Stickers for WhatsApp is one of the most complete sticker banks used by users, as it offers a large catalog of themed stickers so you can download as many as you want. Don't limit yourself to just emoji or meme stickers and access all of them easily through this App, where you can download, save and use as many sticker packs as you like and start sharing them with your friends through the App. instant messaging application.

Stickers for WhatsApp has a catalog of over 1000 stickers for you to enjoy, with different and varied themes based on the most popular holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Carnival, Halloween, Thanksgiving, US Independence Day and much more. You can download all these stickers in complete packs via the app and share them via WhatsApp.

But that's not all, because stickers for WhatsApp also allow you to create your own stickers so you can expand your portfolio, since the application consists of a sticker editor with an integrated background eraser, so you can keep just the figure you want and turn it into super fun stickers by adding unlimited text, glitter and emoji according to your taste.

Download it on Google Play |

3. Anime stickers for WhatsApp

Another interesting option for anime lovers is this application. Download thousands of stickers about your favorite anime and start having fun with your friends by sharing the ones you like the most. You can take advantage of the most varied that are available within this application, taking into account those that fall within the range of popularity of users using this application.

Anime Stickers for WhatsApp is integrated with your messaging application, so you can send your favorite stickers without having to leave the app, simply by pressing the «more» button and adding as many stickers as you want to the WhatsApp keyboard, which you can download directly from the application and then share it with all your contacts to add a fun touch to conversations.

Among the stickers that we can find in this application are anime such as Dragon Ball, Naturo, One Piece, Doraemon and Pokémon. But you can also meet the universe of superheroes like Star Wars, X-Men, Lufy, Iron Man and many more. Fill your chats with color and enjoy all the stickers that Anime Stickers for WhatsApp offer you, becoming an option not to be excluded if you are a lover of these tools.

Download it on Google Play |

2. YouTuber stickers for WhatsApp

For fans of internet stars! This application is made for you. YouTubers Stickers for WhatsApp is a portfolio of stickers that will allow you to share the funniest, most varied and funny stickers with all your friends, YouTuber lovers, without having to download them from the internet, because they are integrated into the App so that you just click on the share button and start enjoying the stickers of your favorite stars.

The stickers are made taking into account the most famous YouTubers in Latin America and Spain, among which we can find PedritoVM, El Demente, Ori de mier, AuronPlay, Hola Soy Germán, El Rubius OMG, Vegetta777, Willirey, Sofía Castro, María Becerra, Frankkaster, Angie Velasco, Timba Vk, Yao, Mica Suárez, Kevsho, Raptor Game, BoffeGP, Lyna, Fernanfloo, ElTrolino, Coscu, Mikecrack and many more.

But don't be discouraged if your favorite YouTuber isn't there, because you can ask creators and designers to add them in future updates. The advantage of this bank of stickers is that it is always updated and you don't need to go to the store to do the process manually, because the stickers are taken from an online server, so you don't have to constantly update the application.

Download it on Google Play |

1. Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

And last but not least, a bank of exclusive stickers for internet mememers. Download the best and funniest stickers of your favorite memes thanks to this application, which will allow you to download complete packs of cartoons from the Internet so that you can easily share them with your WhatsApp contacts. You don't need other applications because with Memes Stickers for WhastaApp you can do everything you need and more.

With a catalog of over 400 stickers, you can get the best sticker packs on classic and new memes, like Says my mom, FacePalm, Pikachu, SouthPark, Drake, smiley baby, Kermit the Frog, and everyone you can imagine. Forget about searching in other applications to get your favorite memes in sticker format, because with this App you will get them all.

And if you think you need more, you can request it from the creators like in other applications, just by clicking on the built-in request option and entering the name of your favorite meme. In addition, since hundreds of new memes appear every month and become viral and famous all over the world, the App is constantly updated, adding new stickers so you don't get left out of the game.

Download it on Google Play |

In short, all applications for WhatsApp Stickers are created with you in mind, taking into account the need for popular stickers these days. We will no longer have to deal with those boring WhatsApp conversations because now we can add as many stickers as we want, simply by adding them from the different applications that we show you in this article. You just have to enter your favorite store, and start downloading the applications you liked the most, to send the best stickers about memes, cats, dogs, rabbits, animals, cars and, of course, yours!

Discover a world of varied stickers, download thousands of packs, customize them to your taste, create, share and broadcast stickers to yourself and your friends, and send them to your contacts or share them on recognized servers so that everyone can see your masterpieces . From Applicationspara.org we show you our TOP 10 best sticker apps, but you decide which one you like better. In any case, we encourage you to give each one a chance, because you might be surprised by its possibilities. These were the top 10 applications for WhatsApp Stickers.

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