WhatsApp is the messaging client most used by users. The truth is that despite its stability and reliability, a system non è never error-free, one of the most common that our readers usually notify us is when WhatsApp works with Wifi but not with data, fortunately this is a accident with an easy fix as we shall see below (uy I have a couplet).

My WhatsApp doesn't work with data only with WiFi SOLUTION 2022


Well, we will try to fix this incident, first of all you may think this solution is stupid but it happened to me on more than one occasion, what is it about? Well, simply that the your phone has disconnected cellular data… Sometimes happens! This is incredibly easy to solve, let's see how the data are activated step by step.

Log in to "Settings" on your Smartphone, within this option you will see a menu. Of all the options available, the one that interests us is the one that says "Network and Internet", it may be that depending on your device it varies a little but it will surely put something like this… Let's go in there.

Within this section we will see a menu with different options for us, the one that interests us the most is «Use of data», let's go inside.

Now we just have to activate mobile data and in theory it shouldn't happen to you that WhatsApp works with Wi-Fi but not with data.

While it is very possible that your problem has been resolved, there is also a chance that you say «My WhatsApp still doesn't work without Wifi», well don't worry, we'll see more possible solutions.

Other solutions if WhatsApp not working without Wifi

Se WhatsApp keep on not work with mobile data, try the following tips.

Restart your mobile

Sounds like a joke but no, you can't imagine how many problems can be solved with a simple restart.

Delete and reinstall WhatsApp

It's another possible solution, sometimes it's better to «cut your losses», delete WhatsApp, restart it e reinstall it.

Do you use MIUI?

Here we offer a tutorial to fix MIUI notifications problem in this way you could solve the problem to have new messages on WhatsApp on mobile data.

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Well, if you have any questions about  WhatsApp, works with Wifi but not with data, you can always leave me a comment below, I promise to answer. You have at your disposal the social media buttons to share this content with your friends, have a nice day.

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