WhatsApp è the most used messaging client in the world!, and it's amazing like this messaging system is responsible for transporting millions of photos e text messages to a multitude of destinations throughout the day. The fact is that we love this application and from time to time it offers us improvements in terms of customization, one of the most used is the Status via WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp statuses and what are they for?

- statuses for whatsapp is a tool that allows us to transmit an emotion on WhatsApp through our profile. The truth is that the limit of this tool is your imagination since we can find from thoughtful statuses for whatsapp through phrases and even funny whatsapp statuses through comic images.

How to create a status for whatsapp

First of all we will explain how to create a status for whatsapp for this, we will only have to follow these steps:

Go to the Status section

  1. Click on «States».
  2. Click on the «Write» icon.

Write phrases for whatsapp status I awarded email And that's it.

Obviously this is a very easy way to create a whatsapp profile status. Since the truth is you can create very funny profiles with phrases, images and icons. Next we will see i best free whatsapp statuses 2018 collected in Green Android.

The best status for WhatsApp FREE 2022

In the following article we will include a collection of phrases and statuses for WhatsApp based on the theme.

Phrases for free whatsapp status

Here we leave you an index with a multitude of phrases to send or to create thoughtful statuses for whatsapp.

  • Valentine's day phrases for whatsapp
  • Funny phrases of the day of the three kings for WhatsApp
  • The best short phrases for Mother's Day
  • Happy New Year messages
  • Merry Christmas WhatsApp strings
  • Bold WhatsApp questions

Images for whatsapp status

The same as in the previous section but this time with images.

  • WhatsApp profile pictures
  • The best banks of free royalty-free images
  • The best spring wallpapers
  • The best memes for Mother's Day
  • The best Valentine's Day memes
  • The best Christmas lottery memes
  • Wise men day meme
  • New Year's meme
  • Good night good night meme

I hope you like this article with i best free whatsapp statuses. If you liked this article, do not hesitate to comment and share a greeting on your social networks and have a nice day.

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